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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2015 – 4th Place (and others)

January 18th, 2016 by

04coinc***Editors note*** Occasionally in our Community Awards, we have a game that sweeps up some of the miscellaneous awards whilst also appearing in our top 5. When this happens we try and incorporate all of the awards into one piece. This year this honour fell to Rocket League which not only picked up 4th place but also the Indie Game of the Year  and the Community Night for best Online Multiplayer awards. When this happens it is only fitting that the game receives the penmanship of a writer like no other; so without further ado please welcome special guest writer Matthew Moore.


Summer 2015 saw the release of a sports game, the first sports game that I’ve played since Sensible Soccer in the mid 90’s. Rocket League by developer Psyonix launched as a Playstation Plus free title alongside a version for Windows. As with all free titles on PS Plus, I downloaded it as soon as it was available with very little interest in giving it more than my usual 20 minute attempt.

It wasn’t until many hours later that I actually put the controller down (in all fairness I think the controller ran out of juice). Who would have thought that football with cars would be so addictive! With its easy to learn and hard to master gameplay at the very heart of this title, Rocket League soon became my go-to game when time was short thanks to it’s quick matchmaking and variety of game modes.

With Rocket Leagues games going as high as four verses four – coupled with the fact that everyone with a PlayStation 4 had it in their library,  it was a no brainer that the community would get behind this game for online shenanigans meaning that the award of Community Award for Community Night Multiplayer was only really destined for one title.

For me, one of the things Psyonix nailed, was that even when my team was being destroyed by far superior players, I would still be in awe of just how impressive some goals could be. No one likes loosing, but sometimes you just have to sit back and take it, still with a wide smile on your face.

Don’t just take our word for it, after release it didn’t take long for Rocket League to become a go to game for professional eSport outfits, including Major League Gaming who run an initial season. If you really want to see how much you suck at this compared to others, check out the grand final here:

Psyonix should also be noticed for their commitment to post launch support of Rocket League. Starting with basic cosmetic changes before making available the famed DeLorean from Back to the Future and more recent DLC has given players the ability to mutate the gameplay. If it wasn’t fun enough in it’s standard configuration, having infinite boost and low gravity really make for those “wow” moments.

Rocket League is a title that deserves a place on everyone’s hard drive and never fear Xbox One owners, you too will be able to treat yourself to this great title, with the added bonus of exclusive Gears of War and Halo vehicles!


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