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Reloaded: Electronic Super Joy

October 30th, 2015 by

esjElectronic Super Joy was originally released in 2013, however I only discovered it recently while looking for new games to play with controller support.

I’ll admit, like a small child I was drawn to the bright colours. I’d put off playing it for a while, other stuff and other games had my attention, but today I was hitting my Steam library and it was there, unplayed, I HAD to give it a shot.

I am so glad I did!

Michael Todd has made an immensely fun platformer, seemingly simple, but devilishly tricky.

The game starts by telling you about your character:

“you lost an arm… In the Disco Wars of 1515

You Lost an Eye in the War of Rock & Roll

You Lost Both Legs Defeating DJ Deadly Skillz

And You Lost your ENTIRE butt to an evil wizard

This is the story of your quest… To get revenge for your BUTT”

The game is funny, the game is silly.

It’s also fast, frantic, frustrating, gratifying and laugh out loud fun.

Electronic Super Joy 003

The soundtrack, by New Hampshire based producer EnV is as frantic as the game is, with pulsing, pounding electro beats driving you through the side scrolling hyper-coloured mayhem as it unfurls. Accented by the breathless Female (and sometimes Male) ‘oh yeah’ whenever you hit a checkpoint and the thumps that somehow hit the beats whenever you take out an enemy, Aurally the game is just as much fun as it is visually.

Speaking of visually, the bright colours, the ingenious level design and the strobe effects are amazing…. but anyone with Epilepsy or any similar issues should really steer clear. The game has a simple pixelated style, and a lot of witty oneliners. It changes pace freely, one minute you’re negating a maze the next you’re blasting the pope as you both speed along in shuttles.

Electronic Super Joy 002

If you have the time, Electronic Super Joy is a great game to lose yourself in, I lost track of time for a whole afternoon! It’s not one for the kids with some rather choice language and cheeky themes.

I’ll be looking for the creator’s next works with interest

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