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Is that a Were-car? HONK HONK

October 27th, 2015 by

gamescom focusWhat’s that coming over the hill is it a Mazda? Is it a Mazda? Because as the nights grow darker and the moon is high it can only mean one thing Halloween is just around the corner. As a tradition in the Forza community they are planning their Halloween bash to celebrate, which sees some of the fines artist in the community create some truly stunning designs based on horror movies and games, and this year is no different. Seeing these digital artisans spending hours to design and create their art works ahead of the bash on the 28th of October and this year is the first where they will be using the latest game in the series Forza 6 as their canvas.

One of the painters taking part in this year’s event is Stuart Baird aka @stuzib85, who you may have heard of as he was the man behind the winning design that was put onto a Focus RS to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Forza at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne. We were lucky enough to grab a few words with him about his Resident Evil 6 design and how he felt the competition was going to be this year.

First off what was your inspiration behind your design of this year’s Halloween bash design?

OK my inspiration for the Resident Evil painting was the licker picture. I searched online, through different themes and characters, trying to find an image I liked. Once I found the main image, I then had to find another image for the side. That was the executioner guy. For the actual background pieces, I found a Resident Evil title screen shot that had a nice effect in the background. Sort of looks like webs, in the distance.


My executioner went really well. I built it without a grid, since accuracy wasn’t too important. The shading fell into place well too, my only issues being that the Vinyl was too dark on the car, compared to the Vinyl editors version. I fixed that by lightening the colours is used.


Why did you pick the Infiniti Q60 to build your design onto over all the other cars in Forza 6?

I picked the Infiniti Q60 as I had originally picked the Nissan GTR, but found out a friend was also painting that car, so I picked another. As Resident Evil is a Japanese game, I wanted my car to be Japanese. Infiniti are a division of Nissan, and the Q60 looks great.

Res 6 car 1

How do you feel your design turned out in the end on the car?

My thoughts on the paint? I love the way the licker looks. Putting him the right way up on the bonnet (but upside down in relation to the background) was my wife’s idea and became the highlight of the whole paint.

Res 6 car 2

Given that your design is based on Resident Evil 6 and the very mixed feeling that game gets with it being like Marmite you love it or hate it where do you stand on it?

I have played Resident Evil 6, though I actually didn’t enjoy it that much. My wife is a big RE fan and we played RE 4 inside out. 5 and 6 didn’t have the same feel, the same iconic moments, in my opinion.

How do you think this year’s Forza Halloween bash is shaping up?

Having seen a lot of other entries for this year’s Halloween Bash, I would say this it is one of the best years yet. Even beginner painters are putting in entries, which will help them get more downloads and exposure for the efforts.

With this year’s designs being built in Forza 6 for the first time has the newest instalment in the series added anything to help painters or any new tools to make building designs easier?

Forza 6 Painting, hasn’t really changed that much. It was great to be able to import FM5 + FH2 liveries and vinyls, rather than having to start from scratch. Whilst some new paint options have been added, the livery editor is much the same as it was in FM5, but moves much faster than FH2.

Res 6 car 3

Did you hit any major bumps in the road on your design or any problems that caused you frustration?

I was a bit frustrated with the licker vinyl. With my executioner vinyl and the RE logo going so well, I hadn’t anticipated too much bother from the licker. However, about 6 hours in, I was very disappointed with how it was looking, as it didn’t look as good as it should have done, considering the time and effort I had already put in, and that was sapping my motivation to continue. At around 10 hours, it finally started to look as good as I thought it should.

being built licker

finished licker

Would you say this is one of your best horror themed designs you have ever done?

Personally, this livery isn’t my favourite horror livery I’ve done. I created a Walking Dead livery on FM5, and I still love that one, I even used my “Walker” as part of the RE livery.


Other than yourself have you seen any other designs for painters we should keep an eye out for at the Forza bash this year?

As for looking out for others, @mesasphere has created 4 Halloween liveries. Her Silent Hill livery is one of the best I’ve seen, ever, in Forza.

Also, @For_Fox_Ache has a very cool paint, and @BxrdyDesigns has put a lot of effort into his, which is a similar theme to mine from last year, with his own spin and very well done.

Silent hill

Thanks you for taken the time to talk to you about the event and your design and we hope you do well with it come the 28th of October.

So there you have it the Forza Halloween bash is shaping up to be a terrifying tour de force not only for the incredibly skilled painters but also Forza fans that can grab these stunning livery designs for themselves from the Forza store front in the game and you can check out all the entries over at


But just between of the screech of the tyres and the roar of the Ferrari because something maybe after you in Forza 6 this Halloween.

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