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Game-o-Rama Event Streaming Hub

August 28th, 2015 by

Small gOr logo 200 v2Welcome one and all to the Game-o-rama streaming hub. You all know what Game-0-rama is about but if you don’t head on over to here for all of the details. It’s the biggest charity event we have ever attempted here at Midlife Gamer and we want you to all be part of it in some form.

We all know that playing video games is the best thing you can do with your free time but the second best thing is watching video games being played and this is where the hub you are currently reading comes into play. Over the games-o-rama weekend you will be able to watch a multitude of streams from all of those taking part as well chat with them in real time.


Further streams and times will be announced over the coming days so keep checking back to make sure you miss nothing and don’t forget to visit the Game-o-Rama Event Donation Page to sponsor the people you are watching.


On Monday, Community Member Painjunkie kicks off the first Gears-o-rama tournament. Taking place throughout the month you can find numerous streams throughout the month of the gears event. Why not try and make sense of this Mad World and sponsor the participants by heading to the Game-o-Rama Event Donation Page to sponsor them during battle.

This particular competition will be streamed via multiple hosts, so please check twitter for the latest updates and each of the twitch host accounts are listed below.













Event Catchup
The 24 Hour Tankathon

Daren completed his Tankathon on Sunday morning and raised an amazing £1830 at the minute he stopped. Why not catch up with Darens epic gametime by watching his archiev andwhy not lay down a Weapon of Mass Destruction over at the Game-o-Rama Event Donation Page to sponsor Daren in his efforts

Rocket League Tournament Semi Final Highlights

Who was the Liquid Rocket League Champion. We know already. What do you mean you missed it? Don’t worry we got you covered with all the games from the Semi Finals onwards. Epic Goals, Epic Commentary and an Epic Community. Why not head over to the the Game-o-Rama Event Donation Page just like the winners of the tournament did (to donate their winnings).

Liquid Rocket League Final

A Day In Tamriel

On Sunday  at 13:00 we begin an exploration into a mystical world as Community Member Rich Forder takes us into the world of Elder Scrolls Online. Why not do some exploring yourself and find the Game-o-Rama Event Donation Page to sponsor Rich in his efforts

Metal gear Marathon

Finally Tuesdays event starts at 12:00 UTC and is none other than Community Member HunterVP who will be becoming one with the Snake as he embarks on a Metal Gear Marathon. Why not do him a Solid and head over to the Game-o-Rama Event Donation Page to sponsor Hunter in his efforts.

A Day In Los Santos

After illness struck him down at the weekend, community member Keyer Soze (Gavin Irwin) was unable to take part but that doesn’t stop our community, oh no. Gavin will be spending a day in Los Santos from 15:00 UTC on Sunday 6th September.Why not do him take a trip over to the Game-o-Rama Event Donation Page to sponsor Gavin in his efforts. F*cking A.

Waynes Rat Race

It’s not all video games here at game-o-rama. Some of our community like the challenge of physical games too. These people are a bit mental. These people can be summed up by Waynes Game-o-rama Challenge. Wayne will be taking part in the Man vs Mountain challenge. The event is a 20 mile run, up and over Snowdon starting at Caernarfon.  The first 13 miles are uphill with some obstacles, abseiling and other water based challenges on the other side.  There is also a separately timed ‘vertical kilometer’ in there somewhere. Why not help Wayne prove that there ain’t no mountain high enough to stop Game-o-rama or the Midlife Gamer community by visiting the Game-o-Rama Event Donation Page to sponsor Wayne in his efforts.

**Editor Note** Unsurprisingly there will be no streaming of this event.




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