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GBD: How to 1k Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious

May 11th, 2015 by

beer manWelcome to a new idea here at Midlife Gamer. Operating under the Go Balls Deep franchise, here at Midlife Gamer we are going to bring to you Trophy Guides. These will probably include spoilers of the highest order so don’t say you weren’t warned.

The guides will not detail every single nuance of the game or tell you how to 100% the title, they will literally get you from zero to 1k/Platinum in the shortest time with the minimal of effort – unless of course 100% completion is a trophy or achievement.

Fast 1

The guides, will make the easy games easier (if that is actually possible for some of them) and the hardest games bearable. With the former in mind, our first guide will be for the Xbox One edition of Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious.

Launched for free for the first two weeks of availability, this game was picked up by pretty much everyone that had an Xbox which means the game is full to the brim with Drivertars. Just watch out for Adamski and MunkiMatts, they like sideswiping you as you pass just because they can.

Three things that you need to know before you begin:

-          The first thing you need to be aware of is that this game is jam packed with side missions – Speed traps, Bonus Boards, Bucket List, Road Discovery and Rival Races.

-          The second thing you need to know is that you need to complete absolutely none of these to 1K the game.

-          The third thing is that difficulty has no bearing on the achievements so whack that down to Easy.

The game is very linear but there are various points where the game lets you choose which car you will go for next and which car you will use (from a limited range) to obtain that car.

Keep an eye out for any of the following Achievements unlocking during your races or even your travel to and from the races.

Burning Rubber

Tokyo Drift

High Flyer

2 Furious

2 Fast

An Inch or a Mile

Scratch That

First Draft

Fast 7,000

Chain Reaction

Fast 2

Once you begin the game and watch a Fast & Furious montage you must drive to the location of the Dodge Charger R/T.

Now it’s time to acquire your first car and start earning achievements. In the first street race you need to finish 3rd or better, this will unlock “Fast & Furious” for 100g. Once the race is complete you will be instructed to take the car back to your garage which, when you enter for the first time, will unlock “900 Horses of Detroit Muscle” for 40g.

All achievements linked to acquiring cars do not unlock until you return to your garage. To save time you can fast travel to the garage after you have acquired a car from now on.

Next up to acquire is the Jeep Wrangler and “Winning’s Winning” for 40g. This is a two part mission. The first part is not a race event as such. You will be given a general area of where your opponent is (He is driving a RUF), once you find him a head to head race will begin which you need to win. The second part is a showcase event in which you must beat an attack helicopter to the finish line. This is the only race that gave me any sort of difficulty as you have to balance speed with control as it is mainly off road where it is easier to spin out. Combine this with the fact that your opponent has a clear run as they can fly. Return to the garage to unlock your achievement.

Tej will now notify you that he has heard a rumour that a Plymouth Roadrunner that requires restoration is hidden in a barn. You will be given a general area of where the barn is located (see below image for exact location). Once you pull up to the barn you will watch a quick cutscene as you discover the car. Tej is a fast worker when it comes to restoration and within in a minute he tells you to head back to the garage to claim the car and unlock “Got Nothin’ But Time” for 40g.


At this point Tej will now ask you to take a photo of the Dodge Charger R/T. Enter Photo mode. Zoom out so the car is in focus and unlock “Selfie” for 30g.

Now you will unlock Paul Walkers car from the film Franchise; the Toyota Supra. This is again spread over two parts. The first part is a simple Speed Trap Challenge where you must set a new speed record of 85mph or higher. Just keep your finger on the accelerator, stay as straight as possible and don’t hit anything and hitting 85mph is a breeze. The second part is a street race where you don’t even have to win the race and instead you must finish higher than the Supra. This is the first race that you have the Nitrous available to you. Make sure you keep your finger on the Nitrous as soon as the race begins until it runs out to unlock “Too Soon Junior” for 30g. Return to the garage and you will unlock “10 Second Car” for 40g.

For your fourth car, we will go for the Plymouth Cuda. The first event is up at the airfield in the north of the map and you have to smash 100 boards in a set time limit. Luckily there are over 100 boards around the Airfield. Take your time and focus on controlling your car and looking ahead to where you are going to drive next rather than speed and you should hit your 100th board with about 10 seconds to spare. The second is a cross country race and you should be choosing the Jeep Wrangler here as it is better suited to the terrain. If you control your drifts and keep at a high as speed as possible you should be able to unlock most of the skill chain, Wreckage, drifting and air achievements if you haven’t unlocked them already. Return to the garage to unlock “A Quarter Mile at a Time” for 40g.

We are almost at the halfway stage for cars and to get us there we are going for my favourite car in the car; the McLaren P1. The first event is a Sprint race which, once again, you don’t need to win, just finish higher the McLaren. The second is a much more difficult Damage Control Event when you have to get from A to B in a set time but without exceeding a set damage limit. The easiest way to achieve this is to utilise the Rewind feature if you have had or about to have a crash. The destination here is the garage so once you enter it you will unlock “Just Don’t Scratch It” for 40g

Your sixth car should be the Dodge Charger ’15. This is one of the easiest cars to unlock due to the simple nature of the two events. The first event is a Speed test where you have to maintain a Speed of 110mph for 12 seconds. The course has a couple of long straights so you should complete this in one or two minutes. The second is yet another Street Race where you just have to finish higher than the Dodge Charger. Swing by the Garage and “Fully Charged” and 40g is all yours.

fast 4

Now we have the car featured in Tokoyo Drift, the Nissan GT-R. This time you don’t have to win either of the two events. The first is a standard Street Race however you MUST finish in the top three to continue. The second event is a Sprint race where you goal is to finish higher than the Nissan GT-R. A Quick visit to the garage will unlock “What Do You Drift For” for another 40g.

Next up is another 2015 edition Dodge – this time the Dodge Challenger ‘15. Again the first event is a standard Sprint Race where you finish in the top three. The second event is a Stuntman event. It plays the same way as a timed Sprint race however you also have to achieve 15 near misses by passing cars as closely as possible. The main thing to consider is not to panic as firstly you pass around 50 cars from start to finish and secondly the distance needed for a near miss to register is quite large – around half a car width and less. Once complete you return to everyones favourite mechanic at the Garage and “Drift to Win” for 40g unlocks without a single drift actually taking place.

Now we are on to the two final cars, and they are beauties. First up is the Bugatti Veyron and to obtain this car you have to complete the games only three part mission. First up is a Speed Trap Zone Challenge where you must beat the top speed of 170mph. The same rules that applied when unlocking the Toyota Supra – stay straight, keep finger on accelerator, don’t hit anything – apply here but you will also require to hit the nitrous in order to beat the 170mph. The second event is a head to head race against the Bugatti, however you will be shown a general area of where the Veyron will be and you have to find it before the race begins – just hope that you are facing the right way to start otherwise you will lose precious time making the race harder than it needs to be. Finally the third event is a two lap circuit race in which, yep you guessed it, you just need to finish higher than the Bugatti. Being the fastest car ever made you wouldn’t expect the Bugatti to finish down in 6th place but it did in my race and highlights how easy this event actually is. A penultimate trip to the garage unlocks “9 Second Car” for 40g

We are now at the final car and it’s the Maserati Ghibli. To obtain the vehicle you just have to complete two events and they are nothing that you haven’t seen before. First up is a 3 lap circuit race in which a top three finish is all that is required. The second event is a standard Street Race where you must beat the Ghibli. Your final trip to the garage sees you unlock “Perks of the Job” for the final car based 40g.

Tej will inform you that the car collector is picking up the cars via plane and the cars have to be there when the plane lands as it’s not exactly a legal flight. This will kickstart the Showcase in which you have to race all 9 other cars and the plane to the airfield. It’s a standard street race that you have to win so aim to be in the top three as you reach the runway and hit your nitrous for the entire length of the runway to JUST beat the plane. This will unlock “How Long Was That Runway” for 100g.

fast 5

Now, you will be in one of two positions. Either you will have unlocked the ten non-story related achievements mentioned at the beginning of this guide during your races, in which case you use of this guide ends here or alternatively you need to mop up what you haven’t unlocked, in which case the way to unlock them is as follows.

Burning Rubber – 30g

You should have unlocked this by the time you have acquired your fifth car at the latest but if not, bring your car to a complete stop, hold the brake and press the Accelerator to full power. Keep the accelerator pressed whilst you release the brake to perform a burnout. Do this 10 times to unlock the Achievement.

Tokyo Drift – 30g

When going around a corner, either use the brake or emergency brake, along with steering into the turn to perform a drift. Perform this 20 times to unlock the Achievement.

High Flyer – 30g

Will most likely unlock during the Jeep Wrangler Showcase in which you race a Helicopter or the Cross Country race when you obtain the Plymouth Cuda. There is a bunch of off-road sections where you can cause your vehicle to leave the ground with enough speed. Perform 5 Air Skills to unlock the Achievement.

2 Furious – 30g

Simply crash into any obstacles on the streets. This includes Lamp Posts, Phone Booths, Garbage Cans, Etc. Hit 10 items to unlock the Achievement.

2 Fast – 30g

Speed Skills are obtained when you drive at or near top-speed in your car. The longer you stay in speed without wrecking, the more speed skills you will obtain. Collect 5 speed skills to unlock the Achievement.

An Inch or a Mile – 30g

Simply come as close to other cars as possible while driving in free-roam or in races. This will most likely unlock during the Stuntman race when trying to acquire the Dodge Challenger ’15. If not, the most you will need is an additional 10 misses to unlock the achievement.

Scratch That – 30g

Simply side-swipe a car while driving in free-roam or in races. This will naturally happen as you jockey for position with other cars (especially if you have Adamski and/or Munkimatt on your friends list). Do this 5 times to unlock the Achievement.

First Draft – 30g

Get behind any opponent and stay there until the draft notification alert pops up. Do this 5 times to unlock the Achievement.

Fast 7,000 – 30g

Chain Reaction – 30g

You must reach a Skill Chain of 7,00 and 50,000+ and this is achieved by chaining together different skills. Such as drifting, drafting, and near-misses. This can be obtained in free-roam, but is best done in a race and can be easily achieved while participating in the Cross Country Race, using the Jeep Wrangler. Just be sure that you chain together skills frequently or the chain will end.

fast 3

This now completes the Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious Achievement Guide. Overall for about 2-3 hours gaming you have a full 1000g which is good return on an investment if you paid for the game or if you were lucky enough to pick this up in the first two weeks when it was free, an excellent return.

Which games would you like to see featured in a GBD: Trophy/Achievement Guide? Let us know in the comments and we will see what we can do.

PS. We ain’t doing Bloodborne




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