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The Drop – January 2015

January 2nd, 2015 by

the drop logo


The Prediction League has ended. I can hear what you are saying already. Where can we go now to get all of the details of what games we are goign to get with our subscriptions collated all into one easy to read article? Well that is simple dear readers, welcome to Midlife Gamers newest article – The Drop.

All the fun of knowing what is coming next for your machines without the pain of guessing each month to earn points. so let us begin.



Microsoft come into 2015 with a strong showing of games, which include an under-appreciated first party title for the Xbox One as well as a couple of well loved titles for the 360 which are perfect for those that only got their consoles a week or so ago.

Xbox One – D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

Xbox 360 – MX vs ATV Alive & The Witcher 2

We are now into the second month of Sonys pre-announced PlayStation 4 offerings and this month we have an eclectic mix of titles stretched over the three consoles. Sony have also announced that Duke Nukem will not be available in Germany so our German cousin Oli will be sinking his teeth into Gravity Crash Ultra instead. For details of why games are never released in Germany, please see the comments below as I am very sure Oli will be more than happy to explain.

PlayStation 4 – Infamous: First Light, The Swapper & Titan Attacks
PlayStation 3 -  The Swapper, Prototype 2 & Ducktales Remastered
PlayStation Vita – The Swapper, Whoah Dave & Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition

Although they do not seem to have any schedule in place, any rules as to when a title can appear in the vault and only seem to announce about a week after these articles go up; looking through EA Xbox One catalogue, I think we can safely assume that the next title may not appear until February (one game every two months) and may be a yearly sport title next. Unless of course they through either Titanfall or Dragon Age Inquisition into the vault which, for the latter, I highly doubt.


Prediction League Games with Gold

Title Format Release Date Price
 Games with Gold Launched 2013  £152.06
 Xbox One titles added to GwG 2014 £476.18
d4 D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Xbox One January 2015 £11.99
 mxvsatv  MX vs ATV Alive  Xbox 360 January 2015 £19.99
 withcher2  The Witcher 2  Xbox 360 January 2015 £24.99
Current Year Savings  £56.97
Overall Savings £685.21

Prediction League PlayStation Plus

Title Format Release Date Price
 Plus Launched 2010  £24.26
 Instant Game Collection Added To Plus 2011 £173.85
 Vita Games Added to Instant Game Collection 2012  £735.35
PS4 Titles Added to Instant Game Collection 2013 £1351.80
 2 x 2 x 2 ratio launched for Plus Titles 2014  £1000.06
first light Infamous: First Light PS4 January 2015 £11.99
 swapper  The Swapper  PS4 / PS3 / Vita January 2015 £11.99
 prototype 2  Prototype 2  PS3 January 2015  £39.99
 ducktales  Ducktales Remastered  PS3 January 2015  £11.99
 woah dave  Woah Dave  Vita January 2015 £7.99
 duke 3d  Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition  Vita January 2015  £7.99
Current Year Savings   £91.94
Overall Savings  £3377.26

ea access

Title Format Release Date Price
 EA Access Vault Launched  Xbox One 2014  £289.93
Current Year Savings  £0.00
Overall Savings £289.93

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