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Midlife Gamer Community Award 2014 – Miscellaneous Awards Part 3

December 24th, 2014 by

mISC 2015

Let’s not waste any more time today as this bundle of awards is going up late today as MunkiMatt highlights another three minor award winners.

Editors Note – Look I tried, I tried really hard but I couldn’t find any pictures that were particularly safe for work that I could use for the first award in this bundle.

As such I have decided to just let Emperor Yoshiro convey our feelings

The Pad Smasher Award (aka Most Annoying Gaming Moment or Thing) – Self Entitled Blog Commenters

If you ever want to feel particularly angry at humanity in general, pop onto the PlayStation blog when they announce this coming Plus games, read the comments and witness the dregs of society that someone somehow wrongly decided were deserving of a keyboard, mouse and internet connection. Every time I see a cretin moaning about ‘shit indie games’ before they’ve given them a split second a playtime, a little bit of me dies inside and the bile begins to rise. It’s gotten so bad that Si and me spend an hour or two on announcement day picking out our ‘Dickhead Of The Month’ from the multitude of cry babies that have spunked their unwanted idiocy over the internet.

For proof, take a glimpse at the fuckwittery on show in October, a month in which Sony gave away amongst others the critically acclaimed Spelunky and Dust: An Elysian Tale, Rainbow Moon, Batman Arkham Asylum, and also the original planned launch month for Driveclub PS+ Edition. “Pathetic just pathetic. First a week late and the line-up is pathetic, “ bleated Roxas598. “Realy? (sic) This is it? Can it go any worse?,” cried kainarchy. “Great games said no one ever!,” whined counterUAVbaby, in a brief moment where he managed to pull himself away from screaming “NOOB!” at people on Call Of Duty. Microsoft fairs equally as well with the commenters on the Major Nelson Blog. Protip folks; don’t be one of these people.

If anything though, it’s things like this that make me thankful for Midlife Gamer. Whilst every gaming site seems to be rife with angry young men displaying revolting behaviour and acute social disorders, MLG has remained a sanctuary of level headed discussion. Long may it continue.

It’s a Deal, It’s a Steal Award 2014 (aka Best Gaming Retailer) – Shopto.net

Shopto repeatedly are mentioned as the place to go for your gaming needs. Why is this? Let’s turn to the community to find out.

shopto 001

“Prices are competitive and they always treat the pre-order customers as a priority.” – Billy Dunne

“Pre-order games generally arrive early – this is a huge motivator for a lot of gamers who want to get stuff early (I always order FIFA from them for this reason).” – Alex Smith

“When Game went into administration I moved over to ShopTo and haven’t gone back. That includes receiving both PS4 and Xbox One on launch day and most pre-ordered games will arrive a day early.” – Rob Mason

“They seem to generally match Amazons prices but you get next day delivery free whereas with Amazon you pay extra or need a Prime account.” – Ben Taylor

3 years, 25 orders and they haven’t it up cocked once. They are now the only online game retailer I use.” – Peter Hurst

They smell nice and said I have nice hair.” –  Craig Dullaghan

Editors Note – Well done Matt, I don’t think anyone will suspect that you don’t use Shopto at all in the slightest.


Push the Button (aka Game most deserving of a HD/Definitive Edition) – Red Dead Redemption

Now that Rockstar have finished their wonderful remastering of Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4 and Xbox One, I think we’re all agreed that they should focus their efforts on the next chapter in the Red Dead story.

In the meanwhile though, many of us wouldn’t mind if they spent a little time remastering the spectacular Red Dead Redemption for release on the new consoles and finally get a PC release out too. The idea of riding horseback through a full HD remastering of 1900’s Western United States and Mexico, staring out at the tundra before us and the beautiful star lit night sky fills me, as well as a distinct number of you with excitement.

RDR 001

Remember all of the challenges and side quests that was able to packed onto the disc last time, now just imagine what could be done with five years extra RockStar experience and ideas.

A GTAO style updated multiplayer wouldn’t go amiss too, 29 Midlife Gamers causing chaos out in the desert and Cherryscones trying to work out which way up to hold the map – lovely

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