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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2014 – Miscellaneous Awards Part 2

December 18th, 2014 by

mISC 2015With a multitude of awards that you, the Midlife Gamer Community, voted on this year, today we move swiftly on to cover another four of the newer awards. These awards in themselves are not linked in any way but the winners that you voted for all had a distinct Sony flavour so without further ado MunkiMatt brings you Part 2 of the Midlife Gamer Miscellaneous Community Awards.




Best Gaming Innovation of 2014 – Remote Play

There won’t be a single person who owns a PS4 and a Vita who didn’t load up Remote Play for the first time and say to themselves “This is amazing.” In fact, we’re over a year on from the arrival of Remote Play and I’m still a little bit blown away when I think about it. Whilst the PlayStation Vita is itself a quite remarkable device, being able to play PlayStation 4 games on it, especially whilst away from home, is spectacular. It’s also incredibly pleasing to see how well developers have embraced it too, with many offering revised controls schemes for when you’re playing on the portable device.


Sony are continuing to push Remote Play forwards too. It’s available on the PlayStation TV device, enabling you to stream to a second TV in the house. Most impressively for me though is the new Remote Play feature added to Sony Xperia Z devices, allowing those with certain phones and tablets to play their PlayStation 4 content on their mobile devices.

An unsurprising, but absolutely deserved winner of Gaming Innovation Of The Year.

The Fanboy Award 2014 (aka Best Format) – Playstation 4

This’ll be a contentious one. Midlife Gamer users have placed their votes, and the Playstation 4 has been deemed format of the year.

PS4 001

Sony’s new console was quick out of the blocks at launch last year and shows little signs of slacking off. Despite PSN still having the occasional spell when it refuses to even countenance the notion of working, and an extremely strong recent turnaround by the Phil Spencer led Xbox, an attractive piece of hardware, the newly designed DS4 control pad, a revamped online service, the freebies from PS+, a diverse range of games and the most powerful console on the market all add up to the PlayStation 4 being the most compelling option for those yet to make their choice from the new consoles.

The Get What You Give Award (aka Best Subscription Service) – PlayStation Plus

Aside from the fact that you actually need Playstation Plus to get online these days, Sony’s gaming subscription service is still absolutely stunning value for money and a must-have if you own any of Sony’s gaming platforms. I’m a huge fan of how much exposure it’s brought to indie titles that people may never have played otherwise and we’ve had some gems this year, such as Resogun and Don’t Starve on the PS4.

Plus 001

There’s also the benefit of extra discounts during sales the Sony regularly hold. Moving forwards, December sees the start of higher profile Playstation 4 games reaching Plus too, hopefully appeasing the people for whom ‘indie’ is a dirty word. A brilliant service, and incredible value for less than £40 a year.

Best to forget about Driveclub PS+ Edition though, eh?

Player 1, Choose a Character – Fetch from Infamous

Fetch popped up a while into Infamous Second Son and I was instantly intrigued by her and wanted to know more about her backstory. Thankfully, this was delivered in Second Son’s DLC, First Light.

Fetch 001

Expertly acted by Laura Bailey, Fetch’s early life is riddled with traumatic events. From her parents attempting to hand her over to the DUP, then running away and living as a drug addict on the streets, her formulaic years are extremely distressing. When we meet up with her in First Light her life is again about to be thrown into chaos, and the story has her continually grow in terms of control over her life and powers while still being dogged by the problems from her youth, eventually emerging victorious but scarred.

After completing Second Son and First Light, I desperately hope Suckerpunch decide to make Fetch the much deserved focal point for the next Infamous sequel. A well deserved winner of our Character of the Year.

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3 Responses to “Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2014 – Miscellaneous Awards Part 2”
  1. avatar originaljohn says:

    Well done Sony, it’s a testament featuring in every category of how much work Sony have put into the PS4. Well done indeed. I don’t and will probably never own one so that’s big ‘RESPECT’ from me :-0

  2. avatar Oli-1977 says:

    Sony wins. yes yes YES ! :)

    Best regards

    “Sonyfanboy No.1″ Oli

  3. avatar Caliburn M says:

    Yay not a fanboy of Sony (or anybody) but despise MS and their ilk. PS3 vs Xbox 360 dash tells you all you need to know about their company philosophies.

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