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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2014 – Lifetime Achievement Award

December 30th, 2014 by

Adamski originalEditors Note: Welcome to the inaugural Midlife Gamer Community Awards Lifetime Achievement Award – try typing that when you are hungover. This award is voted for by the Midlife Gamer staff and is set to be given to the person or persons who have consistently and positively contributed to Midlife Gamer and its community, so it comes as no real shock as we announce that the first winner is none other than Adamski. Well it may come as a shock to Adam as we have done all of this behind his back so firstly let’s hand you over to one of our podcast hosts, Uncle_Fista, to explain why Adamski is the winner of the award in its debut year.

“What words can I compose about Adam that doesn’t come across as a funeral eulogy. I’m finding it quite hard to be honest.

Over the several years I’ve known him, he’s always been an enthusiastic yet unassuming character that embodies so much of what it means to be a Midlife Gamer. I’ve often said of him that he’s like a Midlife Gamer stick of rock. If you cut him in half you’d see the joystick logo! Always engaging in a positive (and charming) way with whoever he encounters, he takes every opportunity to evangelise and promote the Community spirit that defines us.

Over recent years he has increased his involvement significantly in our charitable activities, to the point that he is now the lead co-ordinator of what can be classed as the highlight of the Midlife Gamer calendar, the EGX Party. Regarding this, people should never underestimate the amount of time, effort, and personal expense he’s dedicated over the years. It’s come close to breaking him on occasion, but his enthusiasm and drive to succeed shines through and carries not only him, but those around him.

I still recall the day I went up to his attic, stripped to my waist and proceeded to simulate oral sex with a gold Competition Pro 5000 (complete with fake ejaculate), all while Adam directed and filmed the entire perverted (yet strangely arousing) act. There are few that would entertain such a ridiculous thing, let alone encourage it! I won’t even begin to describe what he did for the same video montage. I’ll leave it to him to divulge at his discretion.

Throughout all his commitments to Midlife Gamer he manages to strike a perfect balance between family, work and even a bit of gaming. I speak for both Matt & I when I say we’re proud to know and love him as a friend and truly grateful to wife Ginny, and his daughters Indy and Bama for sharing him with all of us at Midlife Gamer. Enjoy your award buddy, it’s well deserved!”

Editors Note: After that joystick vision now planted firmly in our heads let’s move swiftly on. So we thought we could fill this article with lots of quotes about Adamski from the community but we quickly realised that it wouldn’t get under the skin of what makes the man, we needed it from the horses mouth so to speak but who would we go about getting this without Ad starting to smell a rat (yes I am attempting to go for the record for most cliches in one article) and at the end of the day it was a simple idea to do – sit him down with Baron for an interview and tell him its for the Word with Friends articles. So without further ado, I give you Adamski and Baron.

Well hello there you beautiful people. Yes yes, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I am truly sorry about that. I’ve just arrived back from a six months advanced elephant handling course in Panama. Spent my days touching elephants, riding kayaks and drinking beer… That was until they asked me to leave. So now I’m here; back where I belong in the warm bosom of the world’s greatest gaming community. We’ve met some of our communities varied members over the last few interview session… But this time.

He needs no introduction but I’ll do it anyway – Please welcome one of your Community Managers, Adam Edwards aka Adamski_UK! Adam you handsome bastard. Please come in and take a seat.

You’ve been a fantastic friend of mine for the last four years, but for those that don’t know you; everyone else a little about yourself?

Adamski: Well, I’ve been round the sun 42 times, got myself one wife and two children. They game a little too, but for the most part they have their own toys to keep them entertained…and so does the missus. I’ve lived and worked in the Midlands all my life. I’ve got a creative background but settled for a career in engineering – the company I work for design & install production lines for automotive companies, so you can imagine how I feel when a game features a robotic assembly line (ala BulletStorm and COD Ghosts!). Always been a geek and I’m the one in my non geek peer group and family who knows everything about Star Wars (I honestly don’t!)

BVP: And how did you first come across the awesomeness that is the Midlife Gamer Community?

Adamski: It’s a very incestuous business isn’t it? Well, the first podcast I listened to back in the day was Achievement Junkie…they had a couple of guests on called Kidd Dogg & Toz (Aka Cranky Gamers). I started listening to them and seem to recall them mentioning ‘Sanctuary 4 Gamers’. That’s when I heard Matt & Daren on their show and figured they sounded like a pair of guys with the right accent for me. And from that ‘chance’ happening, I have had the privilege of gaming with, talking with and drinking with some of the greatest strangers one could ever want to meet.

BVP: So how long have you been a community member then?

Adamski: After listening to a few of the podcasts, I signed up on 3rd May 2009. So just over five and a half, glorious, years. I managed to find this from an archive site:

Adamski 002

BVP: It’s at this point I would normally ask the introductory question about ‘Biscuit and Beverage of choice’. But know I’m thinking that you and Hugo Rune may have invented the question! Regardless – what is it?

Adamski: I’ll say Jaffa Cake (although if the jury want a ‘biscuit’ then let’s have a dark chocolate digestive). Beverage if I’m driving, then Root Beer, if not and it’s available, Hoegaarden…with a slice a lemon. Fucking lush!

BVP: Okay. Let’s go back to the beginning. How did you get into gaming?

My grandfather (now well into his nineties and still able to drink me under the table) brought home a Grandstand 6000…which must’ve been around the late 70s.It was the first time I’d seen anything like it..the array of games that were playable was mind boggling! I remember having to tune to TV in to the right channel…oh and what a pain it was trying to the controller cables back in the console:

Adamski 003BVP: Blimey! That’s awesome. So from those amazing beginnings, what was your first gaming setup?

Adamski: Christmas 1982. I had a colour TV (with a dial tuner) and the mighty ZX Spectrum 48k. All the family clubbed together to get it for me as it was an ‘educational’ piece of equipment.I had Flight Simulator and some 3D modelling package. Over time, I had the TV set up with the Speccy connected to the trusty competition pro joystick and the tape player at just the right volume & tone for loading (marked with tipex of course).Happy days playing Commando whilst listening to the Top 40 taped off the radio!

ADamski 004

BVP: I strive to obtain Bruno Brookes hairstyle! Looks at him. Supercool. Thanks Adam. So, let’s go ‘Back to the future’: What systems do you currently play on?

Adamski: Well, I’ve just made the jump to Playstation 4 after a sabbatical since the PS2 days. Santa dropped a PS Vita down the chimney for me, so I’m keen to see how that interface works and is developed by Sony. They must be sure not to rest on their laurels at the moment.

BVP: So with two new consoles (as such) in your life, Whats has been your favourite title so far this year (any format)?

Adamski: Oh lord, I’m rubbish at these as I’m always late to the party with games and there is a whole twelve months behind us…but, I have to say that “Tearaway” on the PS Vita is so far one of the most refreshing games I’ve played in a while.

The innovative uses of the Vita’s functions should be seen by other developers as an inspiration for creativity. Same goes for Alien Isolation on PS4….the use of the controllers speaker is very good. I’m hoping that once I finish “The Last Of Us” it will be my game of the year (sorry to Phil for still not finishing this game!)

BVP: Two totally different types of game there. With that in mind, what for you makes a good game?

Adamski: Playability and innovative mechanics.

Audio for me plays a very important role from context sensitive sound effects to dynamic scores and balanced song selection.I don’t get chance to sit for hours on end in play sessions, so a title has to deliver short sharp bursts (man I wish games would have a “Previously in your last session…” start option so you can remember what the fuck you were doing last time you played it. Would it be so hard for a game to have an optional ‘recap tutorial’ too as we switch from game to game? How many times have grenades been thrown accidentally when you meant to crouch? Oh, and the ability to INVERT…games gotta have that or it doesn’t get a look in

BVP: So…“Retro Remake Time”: If you could have any title from the past giving a definitive version which meant all new graphics and sounds but kept the original gameplay mechanics what would it be?

Adamski: A really tricky one Neale. Such a back catalogue of titles to choose from…

Tennis on the Grandstand 3000?

Ant Attack on the Speccy, Unirally on the SNES or Lone Soldier on the Playstation One?I’d love to see a remake of Vice City – maybe as an add on to GTA V? But in all honesty, the titles I loved back in the day were special because of their graphics and sound. They we pushing the limit of the consoles and we used to marvel at how incredible the graphics where…even when no one else around us cared. I remember the music Tim Follin created for Agent X on the ZX Spectrum…it was MINDBLOWING! I’d recommend people check it out…I could not believe what was coming out of my machine!

BVP: It’s a staff member requirement to listen to the midlife gamer podcast. We have it written into our contracts… but do you have a favourite podcast moment?

Adamski: My journey to work is only a few minutes now, but the Midlife Gamer podcast is the ONLY show I listen to at normal speed.So many laugh out loud moments from those two…it’s difficult to single out one moment. But being invited to be part of the 200th show was a very special moment for me…and very emotional

adamski 005

BVP: What game are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Adamski: Blimey, there’s no let-up in the questioning is there Neale…blimey…there are so many, and with me making the return to Sony, I’ve got to put the next “Uncharted” title high on my agenda.“Firewatch” look to be a very stylish outing and I’m hoping that “No Mans Sky” will have longevity to match its ambition. Outside of the triple A arena, I can’t wait for “Gang Beasts” to hit the PS4 as the perfect post pub scrap ‘em up!

BVP: What has been your proudest achievement/trophy moment in gaming thus far?

Adamski: I think it would be the moment I got the Gnome Achievement in Left4Dead. The Midlife Gamer community stepped up and walked me through it. That was a great night…almost as good as the times we get together for a Rock Band session…we need to do that Neale…maybe someone will have it at their wedding or something?!

BVP: When I walk Baroness Von Pleb down the aisle in a few years’ time, I promise that the after-party will involve a Rock Band setup. Promise. If by that time I’m not in a wheelchair. Do you ever see yourself hanging up your controller and stop playing video games?

Adamski: “We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing”

Video games have been such a part of my life for so long, that I don’t ever believe I will be without them.I’m looking forward to how gaming will evolve as it becomes more and more mainstream…what will the Minecraft kids of today be playing when they’re in their 40’s?

I can’t wait for my kids to leave home…then I’ll be able to have a man cave all to myself!As professor Brian Cox once said…”Things can only get better”.

BVP: And lastly; what’s sauce on your sausage and/or bacon sandwich?

Adamski: You don’t put sauce on a bacon sandwich. You put beetroot on it. Word.

BVP: Amazing. Thank you for your time Adam. How and where can the other community members communicate and play alongside you Adam, what’s your twitter handle and gamer names?

Adamski: Please, please feel free to send me an invitation if you see me online. I only game on PS4 and Vita now. You can track me down there via “Adamski__UK” (That’s a double underscore!)…I’m really tempted to get GTA V redux on PS4…we had such a blast on that with the previous generation.Outside of that, my twitter is @Adamski_UK (just the one underscore this time) and Facebook is just Adamski UK.

Thanks Neale, it has been an absolute pleasure, as always to spend some time in your company. Neale….NEALE….WAKE UP…..oh for fucks sake, not again.


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7 Responses to “Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2014 – Lifetime Achievement Award”
  1. FIRST!

    I love Adam. And theres nota bloody thing you can do about it.

  2. avatar GoddTodd says:

    That Gang Beasts trailer looks awesome!
    I’ve always wanted a mentally handicapped fight simulator.
    Do double dip into GTAV. I can’t seem to play any new PS4 games because it’s so fun messing about with Greg & the gang in Hi Res Los Santos.

  3. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Wow guys, thank you so much. I am sincerely humbled and honoured.
    It has been an utter pleasure to work, rest & play with you all.
    Your friendship has given me some of the most memorable times of my life and I look back with such happiness, joy and pride…it is you, you reading this that make this community what it is.
    Keep up the outstanding work you beautiful set of bastards.
    Love and kisses on all your pink parts.
    Adam xx

  4. avatar steevieb says:

    Well Adam its great to see you get this award, well deserved doesn’t even say the half of it!!! Hopefully catch you at Eurogamer 2015!

    I will not be deleting you off of my xbox one friends list, as I’m sure you will be back eventually.
    Well done fella.

  5. avatar Type40_Dashboxer says:

    Awww. If anyone deserves it, it’s you Ad. Well done and Happy New Year. x

  6. avatar PAiNJUNKiE666 says:

    No one more deserving than our beautiful Adam. Well done brother. Love ya loads!

  7. avatar Oli-1977 says:

    Just wanted to congratulate Adam. Eurogamer Party would be nothing without You.
    So much work and dedication. You deverse this so much. Dankeschön.

    All the best from Germany.


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