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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2014 – 5th Place

December 21st, 2014 by

05coincIf, like me, you grew up in the era of the N64 and PlayStation then you no doubt are fully aware of the disappointment that surrounded the original South Park games. Add to this the trepidation we all feel when a movie or TV tie in is released, it is no leap of faith that you were also somewhat reserved when the game was announced. As this vote reveals, if you were, we were both sorely and thankfully mistaken.

SouthPark 004

Not only has South Park : Stick of Truth won a place in the top spot, but you have also voted it the winner of the ROFLCopter Award as the most laugh-inducing game of the year, and rightly so. This we are not goign to get into too much as it would be akin to someone telling you the punchlines of a comedian before you went to see their show. All that we will say is, if you like funny then South Park is your game this year.

Unlike previous South Park games, this one started with a pedigree before its release. Obsidian have a history of developing superlative RPG’s; Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, to name but a few, and the confirmation that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were directly involved in all aspects of the game helped dissuade most of the initial fears. To put it simply it was a South Park RPG dream team.

SouthPark 003

Stick of Truth, is a relatively modern interpretation of old school turn based RPG’s, and does a fine job of melding together the time tested mechanics with the humour and pop culture references that Trey and Matt are so famous for satirising. Zombies, Nazi’s and Canadians are all central themes and video game references to Skyrim, Pokemon and more all culminate to make this one of the best RPG’s in the last few years.

With Trey and Matt on board as well we got what we all hope for in a movie or TV tie and that is a wholly and truly interactive version of the show or film that we know and love.  Humour wise we have touched upon (vaguely)  but graphically you won’t find much difference between watching an episode and the game. Nahsayers and detractors will point at the fact that the actual show isn’t a graphical masterpiece in the first place but that’s not to say it could have all gone wrong, right Family Guy?

SouthPark 002

If you are a fan of the series, or a fan of the game type, South Park Stick of Truth is a must play game and deserving of its position in kicking of our official Game of the Year awards top 5 countdown.

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