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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2014 – Bronze Award

December 27th, 2014 by

midlifegamerbronzeaward2014 hasn’t been as much of a blockbuster year for games as I would have thought, it’s been more of a year for the remastered games, but thankfully Lego Batman 3 did a great job of bucking that trend. After the huge success of Lego Batman 2, Travellers’ Tales had a big job to ensure that Batman 3 would take off, and it did, Beyond Gotham. Although it’s a Batman game, he doesn’t get as much screen time as you’d think, but do you know what? It’s probably a good thing.

The Justice League join forces with Batman across some great locations including the Batcave, the Fortress of Solitude, the Hall of Justice, and a handful of different alien worlds. It gets better though, with Brainiacs plans to shrink various locations you’ll end up in some of the cities that have already been shrunk. These are especially fun as you are a bit like Hulk on these levels, and in turn you’ll have the ability to smash your way around with relative ease.

As well as the new locations & characters TT games have done a great job of making lots of improvements to make sure the game flowed better than it ever did. No longer do you have to re-play whole levels just to find the various collectables littered around the game, now you can visit sections of the different levels to make things that bit easier for you. Also this time around once you have found a special suit for your character, such as Robins’s new illumination suit you’ll also ways be in possession of it and if a puzzle requires a certain suit you’ll automatically switch to it. That doesn’t mean the puzzles are any less confusing at times, but that’s all part of the fun.

legobatman 002

Although the story gets off to a slow start, things pick up once the Justice League appears to give Batman and Robin a hand to stop Brainiac. As you would expect from a LEGO title there are over 150 characters and only the die-hard comic fans will know all of them, I just about knew the Green Lantern, let alone all the other colours that existed! Despite feeling a little lost with who is who I found myself chuckling away to the different characters and their relationships with each other. If you have played the game you can’t help but feel for Robin…

I’ll admit to having been quite dubious about the way the game was going when the Season Pass was announced but in fact I was completely wrong to think negatively about it, for just £12 you get three pieces of brilliant of content including the 75th anniversary of Batman content now with an additional three pieces to come in the new year.

legobatman 004

It’s rare I don’t enjoy a Lego game and this is no different, and of course if you have younger ones wanting to join in then it’s a brilliant place to start.


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