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An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary

October 10th, 2014 by

FMAR 001Being a Football Manager must have its ups and downs, the thrill of victory, the despair in defeat. Top managers earn loads and lead wonderful lifestyles but suffer from lack of job security, where lower league managers have to deal with lack of resources and have to manage teams like Yeovil Town.

Thankfully it’s much easier being a manager from your desk and hopefully leading your team to victory playing Football Manager. Years of my life have been invested in leading teams like AFC Wimbledon to Champions League victory, signing complete unknowns such as Ibrahima Bakayoko only to find they end scoring hundreds of goals for you.

I spent most of my teenage years playing this game, up until all hours, but it was totally worth it. I took Fulham to Champions League glory, and I almost managed to win the Premiership with Yeovil Town, I eventually had to give up due to lack of time, but after last night I think I have the bug again.

Midlifegamer were invited to the rather glitzy Mayfair Hotel to watch the premier of An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary as well as a live Q&A with Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive. As we sat down in the Hotel Cinema I could feel the buzz from the other fans of the game, as the documentary started I couldn’t help but smile as memories came flooding back from playing Football Manager.

FMAR 002

The documentary was brilliant, it was funny and I could find myself relating to the different stories from the people being interviewed. What I didn’t really appreciate was the impact on the culture of football, its enduring appeal and its influence within the professional game. There were some great stories from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Alec McLeish. There was a section about those players that were essentially bugs in the game that were brilliant no matter what club they played for, as well as snippets from comedian Tony Jameson’s stand-up routine which was brilliant.

After the documentary ended there was an opportunity to watch the new features for FM15 and by the looks of the things you’ll probably need to quit your job as the amount of detail is just incredible, rather than me rattling all the features of it’s probably best to check out the video below full roundup.

Once the dust had settled for the features video we were treated to the live Q&A with Miles, the whole evening had been streamed around the world and fans were giving the chance to ask questions using the #AskMiles hashtag – There were some great questions revolving round whether Women’s football will ever grace the Football Manager world, it’s something SI want do, but there needs to be more official leagues first. He was also asked whether he fancied having a go himself in management, Miles wasn’t keen and it’s clear to see that he loves the job he has and I don’t blame him!

The documentary will be available to download in the next few weeks with a DVD release in November; if you have any history with the game then you will need to check this out.

Disclosure: Midlife Gamer were invited to the An Alternative Reality evening by the publishers. 


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