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Friends with Words – Presents…Oli (From Germany)!

August 6th, 2014 by

Words-with-Friends-200x200-150x150The night was hot and wet. Really wet. Wet like a begging tramp’s armpit in the summer time and hot like Mantis Matt’s wedding night romantics. As I walked the streets of the Midlife Gamer Community, i wonder to myself. Who could come to my aid, which loan gunman could i hire to help right the wrongs and bring light back into the world..? I sit in a bar and drink my beer. All of a sudden the answer to mine, and indeed all your prayers, walks in… And he is holding a box and butter knife in his hands.


BVP: Oli Oli Oli, Tell me and everyone else a little about yourself?

Oli: Hello, this is Oli from Germany. Most of You will only know me as Oli, but shockingly my real name is Holger. But don ́t mind my close friends here in Germany off- and online call me Oli anyways. Oli is short for Oligon and it came from a Namesgenerator in Dark Age of Camelot(MMORPG) back in 2001. I am 37 Years old, got a younger Sister and currently live in a town called Hennef that is about 40 minutes by train away from Cologne, where I work, in the western part of Germany. I grew up with personal computers and later consoles, so gaming was always a part of my life. I ́m also in a lovely relationship for 11 years now. I ́ve met Ms Oli online and we both share gaming as a hobby. In 2010 I started making very small videos for the MLG forum that later became the Unboxings that most of You know me for today. Lately there hasn ́t been much to Unbox as most of my time and money gets wasted on World of Tanks and War Thunder on PC these days. I just got this terrible weakness for Free to Play MMOs.

BVP: And what fantastic unboxing videos there are too Oli. Shear entertainment in my eyes. Which has been your favourite item that you have unboxed?

Oli: I think this is not about an individual item, but the story behind every Unboxing that makes it special for me. Like the most recent ULTIMAte Classic Unboxing, where I unboxed all of the Ultima Clothmaps. That was literally a collecting process via Ebay for over one and a half year from all over the world while trying to keep it as non-expensive as I could. Another Unboxing that comes to mind is the one for both Fable III Collector’s Edition and Demons Souls Deluxe Edition. It was my first HD video with the new proper HD Cam and I climbed the Cologne Dom and did my Unboxing on top. I got a very emotional response from Adamski on that video, because what I did not know, he had made his proposal right on the same spot up there. That made it even more special to me.

The Ultimate Classic Unboxing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SGy41aSHzw

The Full HD Oli – aka Cologne Dom Unboxing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGOvBm6bbYo

BVP: How did you come across the awesomeness that is the Midlife Gamer Community?

Oli: Buy searching for “PSP GO” on ITunes. It was sometime in Mai/June 2009 after E3 when it was first presented to the public, when I was thinking about investing into that brand new portable system from Sony. I was looking for opinions and reviews on Itunes to listen to on my way to work. What I found was Podcast 44 of Midlife Gamer called “PSP Go is erm…. go”. In retospect that PSP Go was a terrible purchase, but the fun and laughter that I got from listening to Daren and Matt never stopped.

BVP: Do you still own that same PSP Go?

Oli: Of cause I do. I´ll add a picture as proof. I did use it back in the days for a while also. I had all my digital only PSP games from my USA account on there(Games like Disgaea). While my regular PSP had all my German stuff. I could have gone rid of it by now, but here is one of my weaknesses I just can’t part with anything. It´s the collector in me. And quite frankly nobody wants that thing anyways.

BVP: A classic question, which you should of answered in your very post in the forums; what’s your Biscuit and Beverage of choice?

Oli: Well, that first forum post was 5 years ago. Let me think… I am sure the Beverage was and still is Earl Grey for me, even before Jean-Luc Picard. My father always liked that drink and that is where I got it from. Now Biscuit is a very hard question, because You need to understand that in Germany we only eat those on two occasions: When visiting our Grandparents, as only old people here stock up on that stuff. Or have it presented at work in boring meetings as sad excuse for a real lunch replacement. Both events I do not look forward to. But if I had to choose, I like a good light dough with a buttery taste in my Biscuits.

BVP: How did a sexy man such as yourself get into gaming?

Oli: At first? That’s easy! By entering: Load “*”,8,1

Mostly followed by crazy colors and then games like H.E.R.O. , Montezumas Revenge, or Boulder Dash. If You haven ́t guessed it buy now, yes that was a Commodore 64 sometime in 1984/1985.

BVP: Such a machine at the time! Which was your favorite from that period?

Oli: I remembered I played a lot of Montezumas Revenge. You could argue that this game was my Version of Mario. A great jump and run on the C64. I also remember playing a lot of Elite and crashing into space stations until I finally got my docking computer.

BVP: So what was your first gaming setup?

Oli: It was my father that introduced me to Personal Computers. In a time where really nobody could have imaged what PCs would become, he started this as a hobby by buying a used VC20. In the later years I would always inherit his old tech, when he upgraded to a new toy. He not only sparked my interest, but also what later would become my profession. I will be forever in his dept.

My very own first gaming setup was a Commodore 64 with external Datasette(Tapedeck) that I bought from the money I got from my whole family when I had my communion(It is a Catholic thingy). My first own console was a Playstation 1, that I bought with money I worked for myself by delivery ad papers(mostly advertisements for grocery stores) on foot as a teenager.

BVP: Did you ever try and ‘collect’ the free demo discs from the magazines on your paper round? Did they have those in Germany and are too much of a good natured to person to steal such things?

Oli: The papers that I delivered were mostly ads for grocery stores. Nothing Gameing related, or even IT related. Most of my gaming magazines with discs and demos, or in the early years as they called it “shareware” floppies, I got from flea markets. My father took me to those regularly and there were booth that sold gaming magazines that were a couple month older for very cheap. That was in the Commodore 64 and Amiga ages. And yes children that was before the internet. I fondly remember German magazines like “PowerPlay” and “Amiga Joker”. I feel very old now, please the next question.

BVP: What has been your favourite title so far this year (any format)?

Oli: Hands down Dark Souls 2. A game that can get me away from my PC and World of Tanks/War Thunder for 50+ hours must be Game of the Year material. I am a huge fan of the series, finished every part and thoroughly enjoy the journey. I also like to watch other people suffer, I mean play on Youtube.

BVP: For you Oli makes a good game?

Oli: I guess it is a mixture of game mechanics and achieving progress. Take a game like “World of Tanks” for example. Each tank and map has its own feel to it. This makes each battle feel new and refreshing, while you can always learn something new and achieve progress by unlocking new tanks, or improve on what You have. What tops it all off is sharing that fun with others. Join the World of Tanks “Go Balls Deep” Clan today!

BVP: How many hours do you think you placed into World of Tanks?

Oli: Nearly impossible to say at this point. I just saw I had my 2 year anniversary this June. Created my account in June 2012. With the Go Balls Deep Clan and Daren forcing me to play nearly every night (I´m just kidding) it just had gotten worse in the last year. It´s just so much fun these days. Let´s say it´s World of Warcraft level of bad in terms of a time sink. The even funnier scarier thing is I must have about nearly the same amount of time invested into War Thunder aswell. I also have my current duties to play Diablo 3 with Ms Oli, we enjoy to farm monsters and rifts together.

BVP: “Retro Remake Time”: If you could have any title from the past giving a definitive version which meant all new graphics and sounds but kept the original gameplay mechanics what would it be?

Oli: I ́ve been a huge fan of Space Sims back in the days. Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer. I do like to see that with Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen that long time mostly dead genre is coming back. My money (very littlerly) on this is in Elite Dangerous. I am part of the Premium Beta and I do enjoy what I see.

BVP: As a fan of the podcast could you tell us if, and what is, your favourite podcast moment?

Oli: I was asked this before and it was very hard to find an answer. I always like to hear the newest episode, because I am eager to hear again from Daren and Matt. But after thinking about that question my final answer was: That first episode I listened to after I ́ve been to Eurogamer 2011. That was when that funny podcast had become so much more then it was before. After I had met those beautiful guys in person. I can only recommend going to Eurogamer and meet up with the Midlife Gamer community! A life changer!

BVP: So true Oli. Will you be joining us this year?

Oli: Sadly not this year. I can make the trip only so often and I only was there last year(and in 2011). Flying every year is just not an option. Sorry. But I´m gonna be at GamesCom this year and if somebody wants a hug from Oli feel free to find me on the convention. I´ll tell you all about Premium Tanks and we will have a good time.

BVP: With the next gen consoles reigniting the console wars of years gone by, what are your thoughts on the consoles wars?

Oli: Console Wars? What Console Wars? Let me think… OH YES! I remember! You are referring to those 9 hours between Microsoft finishing their E3 2013 presentation and the end of Sony’s Press conference with Jack Tretton stomping Microsoft into the ground. Yes it was glorious! Better luck next generation! I guess…. Oh, and don ́t ask me about Nintendo, as I see it they have opted out of this whole Console War thingy. They are a “Non Competitor” at this point.

BVP: OOooooOooOoOoooo…. Shit… Best move on. What has been your proudest achievement/trophy moment in gaming thus far?

Oli: In September 2013 War Thunder had an event called “Indian Summer” where you could unlock very rare Premium Planes. To get the one Premium Plane, that I was still missing, called A-26C-45 (American Bomber) I had to get 1100 air kills in only 2 weeks’ time, while having a job and a life. That was really hard. But I did it!

BVP: What sauce on your sausage and/or bacon sandwich?

Oli: Easy red sauce of cause. I do like the taste of tomato.

BVP: What game are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Oli: Destiny on PS4. It should be World of Warships on PC, but nobody knows, if that will be out in 12 month time…. If by accident Wargaming is reading this: Please let me join the Alpha, or Closed Beta. I´ll do anything for that. ANYTHING. Oh sorry got on off on a tangent there for a moment.

BVP: Okay Oli. Here’s a question for you…Whats better; a cloth map or a special edition unboxing?

Oli: This must be one of those trick / rhetorical questions I´ve heard about. I will not fall for it! Of cause the cloth map is always better. Case in point: Watchdogs had what? Five different Collectors Editions? NONE had a cloth map. I hope you see my point.

BVP: Do you ever see yourself hanging up your mouse and keyboard and stop playing video games?

Oli: I had a short period of about 2 years, after I bought my Playstation 2, where I did not own a PC and was console only and happy. The old PC broke and I did not saw a reason to get a new one for quite some time.
Today this would be impossible for me. I grew up with all this stuff and it´s just part of me. My collection of hard and software is ever-growing. As long as I can bodily and mentally pickup and play a game I will do so. Let me mention at this point the wonderful Year of Shame Challenge Podcast Season 1 and 2, what those guys are doing is already impossible for a guy like me. I tip my hat to them.

BVP: Thank you so much for your time Oli. Its always a pleasure. You make me wish i was a PC gamer so I could play with guys. How and where can the other community members communicate and play alongside you Oli, what’s your twitter handle and gamer names?

Oli: Twitter is Oligon. Just joined the Midlife Gamer Facebook group with my real name, but beware I only use Facebook for spam. I´m part of the MLG Steam group, my Steam account is Oligon aswell. You can find me on Playstation Network under Oli-1977. I have an XBLA account called Oligon, but my 360 is disconnected and I will only get an Xbox One over my dead body. You will find me most actively these days in World of Tanks under 0ligon(with a zero(long story)) in the “Go Balls Deep” Clan, or in War Thunder again Oligon. I play way more MMOs, but those would just be too much to mention all here.

BVP: Excellent. Thanks again Oli. Take care and I speak to you soon.

Well thats you lot. Hopefully you’ve enjoy this small peak into the world of Oli. If you would like to be interviewed by me as part of this community feature, please either mail me at baron@midlifegamer.net or send me a PM via the forum (Please note a sign naked photo of me is not always guaranteed). Right I’m off to find that wet tramp I was talking about… Byee.

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  1. avatar EpicToneDogg says:

    “And yes children that was before the internet”


    Oli, everything written by you is pure brilliance. I hear your voice saying the words which makes it a million times better. Great interview fellas. Encore.

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