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Work. Sweat. Game. June 2014 – Zombies, Run

June 5th, 2014 by

Work Sweat Game 200x200Running can be boring, really boring, so when the opportunity comes along to spice up your run you would be mad not to take it, especially if there are zombies involved.

Zombies, Run! Is one of those apps that does a good job of making your training that bit more interesting. Your role in all of this is a survivor of a helicopter crash who ends up in communication with a town full of survivors. As you take part in your normal run the story takes part around you.

As you run you’ll collect items for the town to make use of, things like bottled Water or even clean underwear, but it’s not always as simple as that. You have the option before each episode to enable ‘Zombie Chases’ which I fully recommend. During the episode you’ll receive a message over the radio that zombies have begun to chase you, you’ll hear them getting closer and you’ll really need to pick up your pace to get away from them, imagine Left 4 Dead style running (EpicToneDogg would be good at this…) if you are quick all is well but being too slow will mean losing supplies, it will have got your heart racing too.

While the story isn’t taking place you can set your phone to play your normal music in between which will just lower in volume as the next part of the story continues. Each episode is about half an hour long so you can get a good 5 kilometres in each episode. In the options you can make each episode last an hour with longer gaps for your music. You’ll continue to collect supplies once an episode has finished if you choose to carry on running. If you are a treadmill runner fear not, you can simply turn off the GPS option and run to the story as normal.

zombie 002

After the first episode you are welcomed into Abel Township with your supplies and can start to help build up the town by bolstering defences, building or upgrading structures or even expanding the town, but you’ll need to keep running so you have enough supplies to do so.

If you don’t fancy listening to the story there are plenty of other things for you to do. Under the missions menu you can go on Supply Runs, for good, medicine, fuel or even to just lure zombies away from Abel. These are unlimited length runs so you can go for as long as you like. There are also airdrop missions, these require GPS as you put a pin in your local area and run there as quickly as possible to get grab the vital supplies.

Zombie 003

There have been loads of updates to the app since I received the review copy and they are all good. Interval training is now available for £1.99 but you can try it for free, while doing it you’ll be helping clear out nests of zombies from near the town. You can also take part in specified race distances that allow you to take part in extra stories from the end of season one; you’ll need to stump up £1.49 if you want to have a go at those though.

Zombies, Run is great little app that will not only help you with your running but has a great mini-game to, with three season of stories there are plenty of miles to be run and it’s well worth listening to. The other modes are great and for a small amount of cash you can extend the app even further. This is a firm favourite on my iPhone now.

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3 Responses to “Work. Sweat. Game. June 2014 – Zombies, Run”
  1. avatar EpicToneDogg says:

    LOL Nice one Dave!

    I don’t do any exercise but this app does make me want to go for a jog!

  2. avatar Tai says:

    I picked up this app after Matt talked about it on the podcast. I listened to the first episode, then got a little discouraged that you couldnt use the playlist off Spotify to play Music between storytelling so i never tested it out properly.

    I think I`ll have to grab some Music, cram it into my phone and get outdoors. Those supplies wont pick up themselfes;-)


  3. avatar Dave Moran says:

    I’ll double check but I’m pretty sure you can have spotify running at the same time now

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