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Can You KickStarter It? – June 2014

June 2nd, 2014 by

Kickstarter 200x200Looking at Kickstarter projects every month, I’ve started to notice trends. Fantasy RPG’s are very popular, as are card games, and table top RPG’s are making a big comeback – or at least becoming more acceptable socially. So when something unique does crop up, it’s hard to miss. These are the games that really stand out and my selection this month showcases some of this diversity.

In the mood for a stealth action multiplayer? I’ve got it covered. Wacky point and click adventure? Sorted. Sci-fi horror? Done. What’s that? You don’t want to sponsor a game? How about a monthly subscription box of goodies instead? Yeah I thought so. You can’t resist.

Project Stealth

Goal: €90,000

End Date: June 21st

Creator: Heartcore Games

Platform: PC

Top Reward: €5000 – spend a weekend with the developers in The Netherlands to discuss the game and play it in its current state

Every Little Helps Reward: €1 – you’ll be able to comment and get all the inside scoops of development

What is it?

A two vs two multiplayer stealth action thriller with a focus on strategic gameplay, heart pounding intensity and teamwork. The game is asymmetrical with two very different opposing teams. Mercenaries are elite soldiers packing heavy firearms and bulky armour, built for the sole purpose of defending any location with their might. Spies are athletic ghosts that forego any firepower in favour of devious gadgets and quick feet to outsmart and outpace their opponents.

Spies must creep through a location to ambush and deceive Mercenaries in order to complete a variety of objectives, while the Mercenaries must set traps, patrol the area and take out any intruders. The Spy team plays like the Batman: Arkham games, in the third person. They must avoid patrols and traps that consist of static and dynamic defences like cameras, lasers and mines. For them it is one big fast paced puzzle. For the Mercenaries, the game is a first person shooter where the team will have to watch each other’s backs as well as keeping an eye on the shadows.

As big fans of the multiplayer mode in Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory of Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell series, the developers were sad to hear that this mode would not return for the next instalment. They set out on a mission to create an experience at least as good as those games. Over the years they’ve been featured in PC Gamer UK and exhibited at GamesCom, the biggest games exhibition in Europe. So they know what they’re doing.

Their biggest draws for Project Stealth include lots of gadgets and rewards for partners staying together – there is a heavy focus on team-based gaming.

So much so they have devised a unique feature called The Partner System, which allows you to choose a permanent teammate. This special someone will be your sole partner in ranked games and you will level up together as a team by performing co-operative manoeuvres and completing objectives. Levelling up unlocks aesthetic rewards such as character and weapon skins and concept art.

There will be at least four maps available at launch, with others being added as stretch goals are reached. The use of Unreal Engine 4 is very apparent in the pretty screenshots, of which there are plenty on the project page. A Map Editor will be available to anyone with an Unreal Engine 4 license. Just another reason to get excited about this game. There aren’t too many like this available and I’m sure if it’s successful in its funding it will be a big success.


brawe 001

Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty

Goal: $150,000

End Date: June 26th

Creator: Cateia Games

Platforms: PC/iOS/Win8/Mac/Android/Linux

Top Reward: $10,000 – fly to games launch party and play game with development team

Every Little Helps Reward: $3 – free Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World Episode 2

What Is It?

A sequel to acclaimed comical point and click adventure with beautiful hand drawn visuals and a story by the legendary Steve Ince. Kaptain Brawe (pronounced “Brave” not “braw”) is a space police captain with a serious attitude and a special talent for doing things the wrong way. Ursula Unsula is the queen of Zennity Sping, the tiniest planet in the known universe and has grand plans and plans to put those plans into action, as soon as she’s planned her breakfast of Krypto-Koffee and Kaffles. She wants to take over Folderakkiakiu, the second tiniest planet in the known universe. After that, who knows where it will end? The only person who can stop her is dead so it falls to Kaptain Brawe to save the day. Unfortunately he is stranded on a remote ice planet with little hope of rescue.

I can’t resist a good point and click and this one is packed full of whimsical characters and colourful, detailed scenery from the talented art production team, Frontmen Studio. It is inspired by Lucas Arts and Sierra adventure games, such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Space Quest. With Steve Ince (writer and game designer of Broken Sword and So Blonde fame) on board it can’t fail.



Goal: $70,000

End Date: June 19th

Creator: Dylan Browne

Platforms: PC/PS4

Top Reward: $500 – have your voice used for an audio log in the game

Every Little Helps Reward: $5 – have your name listed in “Thanks To” section of credits

What Is It?

A first person sci-fi psychological horror game that includes puzzle based exploration. It uses Unreal Engine 4 and has Oculus Rift support. Set in 2097, Earth’s resources have run dry and big corporations have built vast fleets of mining space stations to mine minerals required to make caffeine. You awaken alone on a seemingly empty caffeine mining station and soon discover you are a young boy with no memory of what has transpired here.

As you progress through the station, stories will be revealed to you through various means, such as found sticky notes, audio logs and whiteboards. The location is full of detail and has a feel of being lived in, with each character having a rich backstory.

Admittedly I was drawn to this because of my anticipation regarding the release of Alien: Isolation but I’m very impressed by what I’ve seen on the project page. Dylan Browne is a one man team as well which makes it even more interesting.


Infinity Crates

Goal: £2000

End Date: June 15th

Creator: Infinity Crates

Top Reward: £250 – 12 month subscription, all three launch boxes and a mysterious awesome prize

Every Little Helps Reward: £1 – regular updates

What Is It?

A monthly subscription box filled with collectibles and merchandise from your favourite games, TV shows, etc. There will be a variety of items including custom t-shirts, figures, custom art and collectibles. The team will take an interest in your hobbies to cater the best box, with a different theme each month.

Based in Wales, this fantastic foursome boasts they will provide hard to find and obscure products that aren’t available locally. The funding raised on Indiegogo will obviously go towards buying stock, as well as creating their own custom t-shirts, posters and postcards designed by the team and the manufacture of their own products.

Speaking of design, the project leader, Gemma, is a talented artist and designer and some of her work is available for your perusal on the project page. To say she’s good is an understatement.

This is a really fun idea (thanks Si for pointing me towards it) and could be a great idea if you’re stuck for a gift for someone. Pledgers from the funding project and subscribers from the website will receive their boxes at the end of June/beginning of July.

Oh and P&P to the UK is free. What’s not to love?


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