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Work. Sweat. Game. May 2014 – Runtastic Pro

May 16th, 2014 by

Work Sweat Game 200x200After a run I love nothing more than pouring over my stats, distance covered, how fast (Slow) I was and nowadays thanks to all the GPS devices there are, where I ran. There are so many different apps available for runners to use, but which ones are the best? Midlife Gamer were kindly provided a copy of Runtastic Pro for me to hit the streets of London to see how I was getting on.

The first thing you will notice is the app send you straight to the activity screen, perfect for those who want to get going as soon as possible. The GPS is quick to lock on and with a quick tap you can be on your way.

If you have more time there are plenty of options for you to go through, such as the type of sport you are taking part in, so for those who prefer to walk its still useful. You can also determine what type of workout you are going to have, whether its just a basic run, a specific time or distance or part of a training plan, who are sold separately. There is good news for those who like to run at a target pace or crave Interval training as they are both there too. You can customise the Interval training so that the different pace zones suit you as best as possible.

You can also set up your music preferences to work with the iOS music app, or if you are on Spotify you can fool the app into playing that instead. There is no official support for Spotify or Google Music which is a shame. If you like to have a power song to get you through those final miles then you can set one of those too. Story running has become very popular and is now integrated with Runtastic, different stories put you as the protagonist and try to immerse you in the story to take your mind off the running. There are times where the story will encourage you to run faster or slow down, so its essentially another way of completing Interval Training, but its worth a try if you fancy doing something different.

Runtastic 001

If you sign up for a free account on the runtastic website you can use your map software of choice to draw routes that you can then add to your run, you can make use of other peoples routes if you fancy going somewhere you may not have considered running before.

Once you start off you can swipe through four menus, including the map and pacing information, you can also change your music, and turn the voice coach on or off. The display is clear but I did notice there was no way to rotate the display for those who use a running armband, it makes things awkward to look at while running, though audio cues keep you up to date regularly.

At the end of the run you are given a full summary of your workout, you can look at the map to see where you sent, as well as heart rate (if you have attached a monitor) and even the elevation of your run. There is also the ability to add any pictures you took during the workout and there are options to share your runs with Twitter and Facebook.

One of the best parts of the app is the Live Tracking, as soon as you start a run then app posts to your social network of choice and anyone who wants to can track you in real time. Great for if you are taking part in Longer events and you are meeting people at certain points.

runtasic 002

The integration with the Runtastic website works really well, you can always be on top of whatever workouts you have done, its nice that on the website you log all sorts of workouts rather than just running. The app itself is really well designed and is probably my favourite workout app on my phone, at £2.99 for the pro version its a bit of a bargain for something that you will probably use most days.

MLG Rating: 9/10               Format:  iOS / Android / Windows Phone / Blackberry        Release Date: 27th March 2014

Disclosure: Midlife Gamer were provided a digital copy of Runtastic Pro for review purposes by the promoter. The app was reviewed over the course of six weeks on a iPhone 5. For more information on what our scores mean, plus details of our reviews policy, click here.


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10 Responses to “Work. Sweat. Game. May 2014 – Runtastic Pro”
  1. avatar Solm says:

    Great review Dave. I was breaking into a sweet just reading your review. I’m not into running more of a walker/cyclists. But if I ever do take it up I will give this app a go.

  2. avatar Dave Moran says:

    Thanks, It’s good for Cycling and Walkers too!

  3. Hehe
    Dave, I’m actually watching you running LIVE right now :)

  4. avatar Wayne Shayler says:

    I haven’t found anything that competes with Strava, and that’s free, although I do pay for the premium version as I want to study my heart rate data a bit more. Monthly challenges keep you motivated with achievements, and leaderboards for segments that pit you against your friends. It’s brilliant for cycling and running.

    The ‘planning a route’ facility is handy, although the Garmin software I use with my Edge 800 has all I need in that department.

    Is this the first running app you’ve used Dave, or have you put some miles in elsewhere?

  5. avatar Dave Moran says:


    I think I was walking at that point! I only used the tracking because work started talking about people having heart attacks while running so I freaked out a bit lol


    I’m a big fan of Strava too, I use a Garmin Forerunner 10 and upload to that. Before that I had been using Nike + for a few years, but only with the footpod so needed to upgrade.

    I’ve so many accounts on so many sites, I’m a bit addicted really!

  6. avatar MaGe1974 says:

    Great article, you have inspired me Dave. Downloaded the app, did a little first run today and now planning a future route on my laptop. Determined to regain some fitness before I hit 40 in July!

  7. avatar Dave Moran says:

    That’s awesome Mage!

    I’ve got another review coming up that will help keep the running interesting…

    I’m running through a knee injury at the moment but am planning on running my first Half Marathon for 12 years in September.

    Are you on Twitter? There is a great running community called @UKRunChat – basically the MLG of running. Keep us up to date with your progress!

  8. avatar Wayne Shayler says:

    Good man Dave.

    I ran my first half marathon ever in March. Never been much of a runner, and don’t really look like one. The video footage of my laps is awful. I look like a big lumbering brute compared to all these ‘slight’ runners! ;-)

    Had my fair share of injuries training for it as well, but the worst of it seems to be behind me.

    Currently doing the Strava challenge to run 40miles in two weeks. Shouldn’t be too hard, as that was the mileage I was doing for my half marathon, and it will keep me in shape for the Tough Mudder I’m doing in July!

  9. avatar Derek "Digi" McRoberts says:

    Inspiration all round. Wife and I decided to go running together now the weather is much improved. First time in years for me so happy with my starter time of 35 mins for 2.5 miles.

    I’m looking to improve on it, and the apps you and Wayne suggest are perfect for tracking my improvement.

  10. avatar Dave Moran says:

    That’s great to hear Digi, typically I’m back a the physio next week to get my stupid knee looked at again, but In refuse to let it stop me running at the moment.

    I sense an MLG running challenge coming up…

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