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Work. Sweat. Game – March 2014

April 1st, 2014 by

Work Sweat Game 200x200I turned 30 this year, for some people this represents a huge change in their life but for me it was just another birthday. What I did realise was that I was letting myself go a bit. The day I put on one of my shirts only to find my gut was starting to put a strain on the buttons was the final straw for me, I need to lose some weight. After jumping on the scales it came up as 12 stone 6 pounds, the heaviest I had been; ideally I should be about 11 stone.

At the start of last year I had started training for a half marathon, all was going well. By May I was the fittest I had been before tearing my Anterior Cruciate Ligament, I was distraught and only since January have I been able to to start training again.

As well as some weight loss I want to run at least a 10k this year and Midlife Gamer are going to help. Over the next few months I’ll be testing fitness apps and tech to help me on my way and you lucky souls will get to read about it, and hopefully I’ll see some results in return.

Welcome to Work. Sweat. Game.

To start us off I am featuring a review of Yurbuds Inspire Earphones that I recently featured on my own blog


I can’t run without music, firstly because it always gives me a boost when it starts to hurt, secondly because I can’t stand the sound of my feet hitting the ground when I run. It also really helps when the earphones stay in my ears, there is nothing more frustrating than having to re-adjust the wires during a run. Thankfully I’ve found a set that does the job, step up the Yurbuds Inspire – Ironman Series earphones.

First off the packaging looks great,  the designer in me loves that sort thing and it doesn’t disappoint. Inside you will find your earphones, a spare pair of enhancers, a clip and carry pouch as well as a guide showing you how to use your new piece of kit. All Yurbuds products are guaranteed never to hurt or fall out thanks to something called Twistlock where you literally twist the earphones into your ear. It takes a bit of getting used to since they fit so well and literally do not move. There are two sizes and of enhancers and they should fit nearly everybody. If not you can email Yurbuds and they will help you find the right fit.

I was really impressed with the sound quality too, I don’t need to have the volume up very high at all, it’s great that they let just enough background noise through without drowning the music out, meaning I’m less likely to get hit by a bus or cyclist as I run through Central London.

All Yurbuds come with a lifetime guarantee which is great and unfortunately I had to put it to the test this week as the left ear failed on my first set. The support was excellent and within 2 days I had a brand new set waiting for me at the office. At just under £50 I would recommend these to all runners, I can’t imagine hitting the streets or the gym without them.


One Response to “Work. Sweat. Game – March 2014”
  1. avatar Solm says:

    Great write up Dave, sound like a good investment for walking as well. Nothing worse than have to constantly fixing earphones while walking.

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