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The Man Date – Gadget Show Live 2014

April 11th, 2014 by

GadgetShowLive01The Gadget Show Live for 2014 is one of the biggest consumer electronic shows in the calendar and Uncle Fista and I were fortunate enough to gain access before it busted its doors open to the public.

In between getting our hands on some great tech, toys and games, I managed to take a few snaps which you can see below.





All the major big corporations were in attendance showing off and wooing us with their latest offerings, including a plethora of flying acrobatic copters, an array of optical photographic equipment and kitchen wizardry that slices, dices, chops, grates, juices and blends.

There was also a decent showing from a number of games studios, although EVOLVE from Turtle Rock Studios and Take2 was still being set up and no amount of begging would get us a session of hands on. The team were keen to talk about the title which features four players taking the part of the hunters and one player picking up the mantle of the hunted. Sniper Elite III however was fully playable on PS4 with some improvements on its previous outing, including vehicle x-ray shots and dynamic, multilayered anatomical body explosions!






The Indie scene was well represented with a second outing for a few teams after their initial showing at Rezzed last month. It was interesting to see Opposable Games, Salvaged title and how it had developed since I saw it at a couple of weeks back…look out for their Kickstarter soon!

One area I was very keen to visit at the show was the British Inventors Project area, featuring a varied selection of inventive and ingenious ideas looking for retail to pick them up.


Great to hear some of the stories behind the creators and their creations, particularly my favourite, the Tappy bath tap guard, which helps protects kids from hurting themselves on bath taps spouts; yeah, I know its not a ground breaking gadget, but I was impressed by the creators inventiveness.

At the other end of the scale there were all manner of TV’s, including Samsung’s new ultra high definition sets and their range of ‘curved’ TV’s topping out at around £35,000 for their top end screens.

PC specialist Overclockers were their with their incredible “Infinity Emperor” workstation, a mighty impressive PC rig with an accompanying adjustable seat, three screen frame work, Bose sound system and chrome cup holder. I was desperate to see it running Excel, but they were too busy trying to set up Grid 2.




There really is an incredibly wide variety at the show with some exceptional flair and ingenuity from mainstream blue chip companies right down to individuals who have given up a career to pursue their dream job of invention and development.

You could just about manage to get round in a single day, but you’d have to skim over a few things and really plan your day. In addition to the stands that were there, what the Gadget Show Live offers is a series of ‘hands on’ exhibitions, presentations and live events for consumers to attend. If you’re a gadget hungry geek who marvels at the latest tech and future developments, you’d be hard pressed to find a much better event.


The Gadget Show Live is currently on at the NEC in Birmingham and runs until Sunday 13th April.

For tickets and more information, please visit their website

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