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The Future of the Podcast

April 1st, 2014 by

mlgtankOver the last few years, we have all had the dulcet tones of Matt, Daren and the occasional guest gracing our ears and it is my honor to confirm what is happening with the future of the podcast. We have also been party to the addictive nature of Daren’s gaming habits, which at times could verge on compulsion (Train Simulator/Skylanders). As we all know, the current love of Daren’s life is his World of Tanks habit.

This weekend past, a large contingent of Midlife Gamers descended on Birmingham like a biblical plague of locusts, there to drain the town dry of any alcoholic beverage it may contain. Both Daren and Matt were in attendance but it was revealed in confidence on Friday night that Daren had an ulterior motive to heading south over the weekend.

For the past four weeks Daren has been fighting to get fit in order to pass his enrollment as a Recruit in the 44th Gloucestershire of the Territorial Armies Tank Regiment, part of the Royal Tank Regiment.

04 Gen FistLast week, he received confirmation that he had passed the physical examination and was sequestered to report to his Regimental Colonel at the 44th Headquarters in Gloucester. From next weekend, he will be attending his two week, Phase two training at Bovington Camp in Devon.

So, in Daren’s absence we shall be having a new voice lilting in our ears, so please could everyone give a big congratulations to community manager Adam Edwards, aka Adamski, who will be taking over hosting duties from Daren while he is off on training and while he is serving with the Territorials.

He has confirmed the latest podcast has been recorded where he will make the  official announcement and we are just waiting for Matt to put his editing shine on it, but for now lets all give a  hearty congratulations to General Fista (his words, not mine: pretty sure you cant pick your rank) for managing to keep this quiet, and to go balls deep to an extent we all expected him to do some day. (personally, I thought it would be a train driver myself, but hey ho.)

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7 Responses to “The Future of the Podcast”
  1. avatar burtha says:

    Not sure if this is an April fool’s, I would believe almost anything tank related from Daren!

  2. avatar Solm says:

    Nah it’s not true I don’t believe Uncle Fista has gone more than balls deep his gone Tank crazy. It’s it true then it’s a life changing moment and one of those obsessions gone over the top.

  3. avatar AlteredEgo says:

    You had me until you mentioned that Daren passed the physical? Right click? Left click? :)

  4. avatar foomoo says:

    nice try.

  5. I cant get visions of Daren top half popping out the top of a tank, saluting.

    Makes you proud to be British!

  6. avatar Oli-1977 says:

    I am so proud! *trears in my eyes*
    That is my Clan leader!

  7. avatar Tai says:

    Now THATS what i call representing the clan!!

    God, i`de give anything for it to be true;-)


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