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Community Predictions: Looking Back, Looking Ahead…

January 13th, 2014 by

MLGBAAround this time last year, I asked for some predictions from staff and community for the year of 2013, for some long hard looks into crystal balls, or highly informed, empirically sourced analysis of what the year held for our favourite pastime. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of these predictions, to give a hearty slap on the back to those that stuck their neck out and hit the nail on the head, to point and laugh at those whose foregazing was well off the mark, and to admonish those that played it safe, and went for the bleeding obvious.

Let’s have a laugh first.

ilander66 was convinced that that Microsoft’s new console would be called the Xbox 1080. his main reasoning? That it would be 1080p as standard. After the furore over resolutions on both next-gen consoles, this is highly amusing. He also went on to predict that the you would be able to buy a larger version of the controller for the new xbox that would have a screen built in, WiiU style.

Lethal_GMan predicted that Game would finally go under. A bold statement, and one with much ammunition to support it at the end of 2012, but not to be this year.

SiStevens thought that Major Nelson’s countdown had nothing to do to with new consoles, but would more likely be a new kinect or something similar. To be fair, it probably was, but then Sony threw a spanner in the works.

Successful predictions were plenty, and included:

Si Stevens and Brother Brown both predicted that Microsoft and Sony next-gen consoles would be announced, shown and released before Christmas.

Lethal_GMan and Monkeysdad both predicted Valve’s mythical Steam Box, with Monkeysdad being even more specific and calling it a ‘Steam-Certified standard for living room PC’s’. Well done!

Other successful predictions included Si Stevens correctly guessing that Curiosity would be solved and a shrewd observation from Brother Brown that Sony would charge for online play in the next generation. Of course, the way that Jack Tretton delivered it, it almost went unnoticed.

Onto the playing it safe category: Munkimatt gave us the obligatory Half -Life 3 prediction, and really hedged his bets by cheekily suggesting it would either be or not be released in 2013. He also said we would ‘see’ new hardware from Sony and Microsoft.

Lethal G_Man stuck his neck out and suggested that The Last Guardian would get pushed back to 2014. Fancy pushing it back even further?

preduiction 001

Finally, ilander66 made the shocking suggesting that Sony would name their new console the Playstation 4. Risky.

An amusing bit of fun, and something we should repeat this year. What are your predictions for 2014? Send me your top 5 by responding to this post, posting in the forums, sending me a DM through the forums, emailing me at craig@midlifegamer.net or tweeting me via twitter at @craigieh28. As well as a top 5 gaming list, send me a Midlifegamer prediction, based around the podcast, site or community. I will get the ball rolling and set myself up for ridicule this time next year.

1. Watch Dogs comes out – and is subtitled Assassins Creed 5.

2. Elder Scrolls Online goes free-to-play before Christmas

3. Blizzard take a huge chunk of the MOBA audience with Heroes of the Storm, damaging DOTA and League of Legends play numbers.

4. Half Life 2 :Episode 3 gets announced

5. Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is given several GOTY’s

MLG Prediction: Daren ‘stops playing World of Tanks, because there is nothing more him to do in the game..

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One Response to “Community Predictions: Looking Back, Looking Ahead…”
  1. avatar Egg Daddy says:

    1. We see a price drop for bothe consoles during the summer.

    2. Battlefileld 4 never gets satisfactorily fixed much to gamer’s disgust.

    3. I buy a PS4 in the summr!

    4. Destiny is released, but doesn’t really work. Lots of bugs, lots of unsatisfied gamers.

    5. One of the consoles develops a ‘RROD style’ fault affecting at least 10% of all consoles.

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