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Can You Kick(starter) It? – January 2014

January 30th, 2014 by

MidlifeWelcome to a new regular monthly feature by our very own Sarah F. Every month Sarah will trawl through Kickstarter finding the very best of gaming related,and occasionally non gaming but equally awesome, projects requiring support and funding.

Every month Sarah will give an overview of three to five projects that require support that have peaked her interest whilst also making a case as to why you should also back them. Like everything at Midlife Gamer this isn’t a one way street. If you find, or are the developer of, a project that you feel Sarah really needs to have a look at then leave a comment on this article.


First, the X Factor sob story: until very recently I was involved in an indie game development which unfortunately fell through. Even though I was on the art side of the project rather than the technical, it gave me a sense of just how much work goes into creating a game. It’s no wonder so many indie projects fold before they’ve barely begun. Sites like Kickstarter are great for giving projects a kick…start…hmm…

Moving on! This month we’ll kick off (see what I did there?) with an epic RPG, an atmospheric platformer, an unusual take on the MMO genre and an extra special something I just couldn’t resist.

After Reset RPG

Goal: $900,000

End Date: Finished

Creators: Black Cloud Studios

Platform: PC/Linux/Mac

Top Reward: $1250 or more – playable personalised character

Every Little Helps Reward: $15 or more – digital downloadable copy, in-game access to Quantum Sync, Digitally Advanced Players Guide

What is it?

A sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG that boasts a non-linear story and hard core mechanics.  The game is completely open world and features an old school top-down camera angle.  Your character awakes completely naked in a laboratory environment on an unrecognisable Earth 132 years after the Reset, the thermonuclear apocalypse that ended human civilisation.  You have no knowledge of who you are or how you came to be there. Radioactive dust covers the city ruins – these are the Yellow Zones where anarchist survivor groups have taken control and uncontaminated food and drinking water are valued on a par with human life.  The Red Zones are home to mutants and inhospitable to nearly all other life.

The creator, Richard Nixon (no, he’s not a head in a jar sadly), says he got fed up waiting for a “decent RPG” and decided to make one himself.  He has likened his vision to Fallout 1 and 2 and Baldur’s Gate, as well as Planescape: Torment.  However he has built his world around realism; you may meet mutants on your journey but there will be a good reason for them being there.  His attention to detail means that you won’t be able to wander off into the desert unarmed and unnourished.  Food and water, as well as other consumables like gasoline, will have expiry dates and you will need to plan ahead if you want to survive.

The game is single player but an online co-op mode will be available where your personal actions will have an impact on other players.  The details around this are a little hazy but it looks as though Nixon and his team are really trying to create something different.  It may be a bit ambitious but time will tell and if they can pull it off, it will be a game worth playing.


After Reset

Rain World

Goal: $50,000

Platform: PC/Mac

End Date: 21st February

Creators: Rain World

Top reward: $200 or more – custom hand-made slug cat plushie

Every little helps reward: $10 or more – digital Copy of Rain World and a PDF zine of Rain World concept art, sketches and wallpapers

What is it?

A survival platformer, inspired by the aesthetics and simplicity of 16-bit classics.  You play as a lonely slugcat traversing the ruins of an ancient alien civilisation, trying to stay alive and not become prey to the cunning and vicious enemies that hunt you. Did you pay any attention to that or where you just thinking “What the hell is a slugcat?” Apparently the name was invented by a fan on YouTube and the developers really liked it.

Rain World have already reached their goal of $25,000 and have increased it to $50,000.  This extra cash will be used to improve the programming language, allowing them access to more platforms such as Linux and further improving the AI, as well as making the game look even more pretty.

With an unusual setting and already impressive AI (check out the alpha gameplay on their Kickstarter page), Rain World looks set to be an intriguing experience, and it already has a hefty fan base.


Rain World

Hot Rod Hustle

Goal: $23,000

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS

End Date: 13th February

Creator: Tyler Thomas

Top reward: $5000 or more – get the naming rights to the game’s diner and become the face of the diner with a custom drawn portrait of your face

Every little helps reward: $10 or more – get a digital copy of Hot Rod Hustle on your system of choice and Hi Res Hot Rod Hustle Wallpaper Bundle and digital copy of the official Hot Rod Hustle comic book

What is it?

An MMO part simulation, part RPG racing game that’s inspired by the likes of Street Rod I and II and Motor City Online. It combines edgy comic book style 2D graphics and a cutting edge realistic 3D racing experience.  You can build your vehicle bolt by bolt and earn cash by proving yourself on the streets.  It’s all about making money and earning bragging rights.

Hot Rod Racer is an unusual take on the racing genre and, while it’s not really my thing, I hope they are able to pull it off.  It could shake up racing games and bring in a new audience. It doesn’t look like they’re going to hit their Kickstarter goal but it will still be worth keeping an eye on this game to see where it goes.


Hot Rod Hustle

Tetherman and the Neolithic’s

Goal: $2,500

End Date: 6th February

Creator: Matt Bellisle

Top reward: $175 or more – 10 copies of the book, a detailed Neolithic’s pencil drawing, original Tethermen drawing/painting on hardboard, Tethermen t-Shirt, Neolithic’s marker sketch, hand-painted Tethermen print, and the digital PDF and wallpapers

Every little helps reward: $5 or more – web link to a hi-res PDF of the comic. You will also receive links to digital wallpapers for your computer screen.

What is it?

Ok you caught me out! This one isn’t a game; it’s a unique comic that starts at a normal comic size, but opens to reveal a large poster-sized comic. The child in me loves this idea. In fact the adult in me loves this idea.

Side One features a comic called “The Neolithic’s”, written and drawn by Chris Garrity. It is about a misfit team of superheroes that operate around 10,000 B.C. Side Two of the poster has a story called “The Tethermen” and is created by Matt Bellisle. This is a darker story about a group of unique individuals called Tethers, who can jump into the dreams of others, control the outcomes and influence what those people do once they wake up.

Being a comic fan this drew my eye mainly because the format is unusual for a comic but also because of the professional-looking finish and the unique stories.  I am hopeful it will still be available digitally if their funding is not met.



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4 Responses to “Can You Kick(starter) It? – January 2014”
  1. avatar Solm says:

    Great idea for an monthly article. I have never participated in Kick start before. The comic looks like a cool one. Great Article Sarah.

  2. avatar sarahf says:

    Cheers Solm! There are some great projects on Kickstarter, so many more than I can fit into one article. If you get the chance to check it out you should and let me know if there’s any you’d like featured.

    Can’t resist a good comic :)

  3. avatar Adamski UK says:

    What a great article Sarah.
    I wonder if maybe you could dig out some stats for the next one? I’d love to know just how many kick starter projects there are and how many hit their goal.

  4. avatar sarahf says:

    Thanks! I’ll see what I can find out, might need to get a Sherlock hat to help me :)

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