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MLG CA Game of the Generation Award

December 10th, 2013 by


awards generationAs this current generation draws to a close, we asked you the community to vote for those games which truly summed up gaming whether you preferred PC, Xbox or Playstation. This was a close run match, with two clearly defined leaders but only one could triumph and did so by the slightest of margins.

In total 15 games were proposed for Game of the Generation, but first and second place contenders took up nearly 75% of the entire vote making them clearly a cut above the rest.


Before we get down to the nitty gritty of the winner, I feel it only fair to say a few words about the runner up.

Praised almost universally as an accomplished, polished and well written game by gamers and the industry alike, this open world action game was a spiritual successor to a somewhat popular Xbox/PS2 title released at the end of the previous generation, and would come to find a place in a lot of gamers hearts.

Of course I am referring to none other than Rockstar’s own take on the Spaghetti Western, Red Dead Redemption. Commiserations to Rockstar Games, but 2nd place in the Game of the Generation stakes is a fine achievement.

So, pin back your ears and let Baron, Greg and I wax lyrical about the community choice for Game of the Generation.

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One Response to “MLG CA Game of the Generation Award”
  1. avatar Barijohn says:

    Loved the chat, brought back some fantastic memories of this game!

    First time I played it, I didn’t see Megaton and got killed so many times in the Wasteland that I turned it off and didn’t return for about two months. Then thought lets try this again, to find the best game I have ever played.

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