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MLG CA 2013 – Most Anticipated Title Part 1

December 6th, 2013 by

Most AnticipatedWith the battle for Most Anticipated Title of 2014 ending in a dead heat, we opted to devote two separate pieces to these highly scrutinised games. Watchdogs is the first of our two most anticipated games of 2014. That is hardly a surprising revelation.  It would certainly have hit most peoples most anticipated list for 2013, but a push back to early next year means it is once again at the peak many gamers interest.

Watchdogs could set to be one of the most innovative titles in recent memory. The hacking element of the game is something to get truly excited for. The freedom to control the open world environment is something that seems mouth wateringly fresh to the industry. Having the ability to stop trains, hack civilians’ phones and control traffic lights is something we haven’t seen in titles before.

With Watchdogs being available for both current gen and ‘next’ gen, on lookers will be eagerly waiting to see if it can better the graphics of the open world benchmark that is GTA V. Despite rumours of the graphics being scaled down from the games initial reveal, you will be happy with the knowledge that the games creative director Jonathan Morin denied the claim and stated, “If anything they’re better than ever”. There will be many obvious comparisons to GTA V, after all the game does take its setting of a vibrant living Open World city. Chicago being the chosen location.

Being spear-headed from the Ubisoft Montréal studio only makes Watchdogs potential even more alarming. After all this is the studio responsible for notable franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Splinter Cell.  If you were to take the separate ingredients of the combat from Assassin’s Creed, the gadget aspect from Splinter Cell and the Open World of both Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, then Watchdogs has the potential to be a recipe for success.

Hunting down targets will be something you will be doing plenty of in the world of Watchdogs. But this is something that Ubisoft Montréal have done all so well in other titles.


The main protagonist of the game is Aiden Pearce. I am very curious to find out more about his background. No trailer or gameplay demo has led to us finding out a great extent about our main man, but since he has been described as a hacker who likes to use both ‘fists and wits’ he could have the potential to be a character you grow to love playing.

Despite Watchdogs being unveiled long ago at E3 2012, it is clearly a title still something worth watching. With its potential for innovative gameplay and visuals to astonish, Watchdogs could be a game you cannot ignore, and may well be worth the wait.

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