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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2013

November 15th, 2013 by

The votes have been counted and recounted. Once we managed to drag him away from Glee and The Vampire Diaries, an independent adjudicator has now confirmed that there has been no BBC style vote rigging and the results are in. Over the last two weeks the Midlife Gamer community have been voting for their favourite games in order to determine the Midlife Gamer Game of the Year 2013.

Over 400 votes were cast, over 50 games received votes for the 2013 rundown, 48 games were considered for Game of the Generation and almost 20 games were acknowledged as Most Anticipated for the next 12 months.

Football Manager 2014, DmC, Killzone Mercenary, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and The Stanley Parable all came close to entering the Top 10 but just missed out by a whisker.

Finally, the Midlife Gamer Community Award Top 10 rundown is the only Top 10 on the whole internet that will feature 11 games.


Far Cry 3 001Joint 10th Place Part 1 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

IT IS THE YEAR 2007. In the aftermath of nuclear war, one man, Sergeant Rex Power Colt must “get the girl, kill the bad guys and save the world”.

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Gone Home 001Joint 10th Place Part 2 – Gone Home

A big thank you to the Midlife Gamer community for the appearance of Gone Home in this year’s awards list! Back in October, I urged you all to play this absolute gem of a game, and here it appears, thanks in no small part to the vote of sufficient members of the community…

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Rayman Legends 0019th Place – Rayman Legends

To be honest, it comes as no surprise that this title made it into the top ten. Being a community of predominantly older games, we at Midlife Gamer tend to have to balance our gaming life with our work and family lives.

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Defiance 0018th Place – Defiance

With a linear focus, repetitive side missions and a scripted world that does very little off the beaten track; Defiance really shouldn’t work but it does.

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Monster Hunter 3 0017th Place – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

There’s good reason for why the Monster Hunter series is so adored. Monster Hunter’s unique focus on the stalking and slaying of wondrous beasts simply can’t be found elsewhere, and the heart pounding excitement and adrenaline is a drug that fans just can’t quit.

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diablo 3 0016th Place – Diablo 3

It took Blizzard ten, long, arduous years to come up with a second sequel to their action RPG series. Times had changed, First Person Shooters dominated the gaming charts and anything even remotely “retro” was branded as “Indie”…..

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awards indiethomas was alone 0015th Place – Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is the epic tale of a little quadrilateral that stole not just my heart but yours too. This game has been awarded the best indie game of the year and quite rightly so.

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Bioshock infinite 0014th Place – Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock: Infinite had a lot to live up to, and a huge weight of expectation surrounded it’s protracted development. It was the first game Ken Levin creatively directed since the original, and many a game had emulated that classic, so what innovations were Irrational delivering this time?

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Aleins Colonial Marines 001Midlife Gamer Community Awards Stinker of the Year – Aliens: Colonial Marines

Just when you thought nothing could possibly come along to surpass the great stinker of 2012 otherwise known as Star Wars Kinect, Gearbox software manage to rise to the occasion

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The Last of us 001MLG Community Awards Bronze Award – The Last of Us

During the first few hours of The Last Of Us I couldn’t quite understand the fuss.

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Most AnticipatedAnticipatedMLG Community Awards Most Anticipated Titles

With the battle for Most Anticipated Title of 2014 ending in a dead heat, we opted to devote two separate pieces to these highly scrutinised games.

Part 1 – Watch Dogs

Part 2 – Titanfall


Tombraider 001MLG Community Awards Silver Award – Tomb Raider

Not being a fan of the Tomb Raider series I didn’t really pay much attention when the new game was announced and it wasn’t until shots of a gritty world featuring a bloody Lara Croft began to filter into my conscience that I was compelled to check it out.

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Generation coinFallout 3 001MLG Community Awards Game of the Generation

As this current generation draws to a close, we asked you the community to vote for those games which truly summed up gaming whether you preferred PC, Xbox or PlayStation. This was a close run match

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gta v coverMLG Community Awards Game of the Year – GTA V

A quick look through this list proves without doubt that 2013 has been a stunning year for gaming…..Our game of the year though, as voted by the Midlife Gamer community, has surpassed all these, receiving nearly unanimous praise from players and writers alike

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