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Game Conference 2013

September 13th, 2013 by

game-logoWell I’ve just about recovered from my GAME conference, its taken a while as they were serving free wine which is my favourite of all the flavours.

I can however bring you glad tidings, there are some awesome games and tech coming our way in the coming months. Now for you lucky souls going to Eurogamer here is a quick guide as to what you should be looking out for.


The Big Guns

GTA V looks stunning, no hands on sadly but the clip they showed started with Franklin skydiving into a ravine. As he gets closer to the ground the awesomeness of the graphics become evident, with some really stunning water effects. We are shown how easy it is to switch characters and we meet Trevor, in just his pants on the beach. A reminder that the humour that was lacking in IV is back in spades. Multiplayer also looks a lot of fun, but will not go live till 1st October. Apart from missions and races, you can meet up with your mates and go and play tennis or golf. Amazing.


Watchdogs is the first next gen title I saw, and really got me excited. You can complete missions completely by stealth or go balls out gunny bang bang and kill everything in sight. Once you have done a bit of hacking, you can scan people using your phone and see how likely they are to be the victims of crime. If it is high you can follow them and intervene. Always refreshing to see a new IP, and this looks like it will be a winner.

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, full of boats and guns (is that Snoop Dogs new album?). The level I played started on a ship where we are blowing the bejeezus out of enemy boats and a castle. A new mortar weapon is available which does huge damage but lacks accuracy. When the castle is just a memory, we dive into the ocean swim to shore and start putting holes into the guards there. The storyline remains top secret and they could not even say if anything outside the Animus would be included.

PlayStation 4

This will be the most powerful console available. Its smaller than I first thought and looks the business. The pad is a huge improvement to the PS3, especially the shoulder buttons. (no more slipping off). The touch panel, which is clickable, has a nice finish to it and feels very responsive.  The camera makes an appearance when they demo Playroom. A kind of eyepet with bells on. The motors and speakers on the pad make it sound and feel  as though there is something in it. With a press of a button a whole host of robots are spat out over your living room floor. You can then interact with them, by using toys and balls or even playing hide and seek. Another button press and they are sucked back into your pad.

Xbox One

This will have the best games and the best online. Very similar dimensions to the PS4, so will make two very nice book ends either side of your TV. The controller is a dream. It feels like a velvet glove dipped in butter. Each analogue stick has a kind of indented dish in the top. At first it appeared weird but it cradles your thumbs in a secure and protective manner, like an experienced doctor in the most intimate of examinations. The pad is also now screwless, so no more catching your fingers on the holes. Kinect, we are told, is an integral part of the machine. Although you definitely don’t have to have it connected. Skype calls, searching the net or distracting zombies in Dead Rising 3 can all be done with it. The new Kinect also requires less space, can filter out ambient light, will work in the dark and sense your mood. A pretty impressive piece of kit.



Everything they had to show was so much fun. First up the 2DS. When I first saw this I thought it was April 1st. However when I held it I was sorry I doubted them. Very comfortable and both screens are easily reachable from the button position. I would say the shoulder buttons are also superior to the 3DS equivalents.

Super Mario Land on the Wii U had us all beaming. It just jumps off the screen in vibrant HD graphics. The level designs are superb and intelligent boss battles keep you thinking. Who doesn’t want to ride on the back of a dragon whilst surfing down some rapids. No one that’s who!

All too quickly we were ushered to Mario Kart. Our smiles got even bigger. Its Mario Kart, its on the Wii U, its awesome. The anti grav car adds a whole new dimension as were looping the loop and climbing impossible gradients, like an old Hot Wheels toy I used to have.

Have you got time to look at Wind Waker? Oh Ive finished it a couple of times on the old version, I don’t think Ill be getting….. Oh damn you Nintendo, It looks gorgeous and you’ve improved the sailing and combat controls.

Total evidence that the future of the Wii U is strong and doubters of the console are fools, fools I tells ya! The experience was topped off by meeting Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario. Woohoo!

I’m sure your getting bored now so I will whizz through the rest of the games I saw.

Everything Else

COD Ghosts is not usually my cup of tea, but on playing it started to get into it. I got up to a seven kill streak and was starting to feel quite proud. Until I learned that what I was doing was camping and is frowned upon in these circles. The biggest cheer of the day was when someone sneaked up behind me and stabbed me in the back. Some lovely looking weather effects, and did seem to be a progression on last year.

dead rising 3

Forza 5 was the best looking next gen game there. Were talking Miss World on a good day, good looking. The way the light shines off the cars is breathtaking. Were back on track racing after last years horizon and it has to be a must buy if your getting an Xbox.

Dead Rising 3 is a great big bloody mess of fun. Differences this time are that you can create weapons on the fly and don’t have to find a bench. There are also no loading times between areas, Dead Rising 2 used to take aaaaaggggeeesssss. Oh and every zombie is unique and will look, move and act like no other zombie in the game. The guy you play looks like Phillipe Coutinho of Liverpool.

Ryse also looks amazing, maybe too amazing. Your guy looks like he has just stepped off a Roman conveyor belt and just looked a bit clean. The level I played was an arena battle with pits of spikes and flames appearing and cages crashing down from above. Think Robot Wars but with Romans. Very, very gory.

FIFA 14 takes the realism to new levels. Every players ability effects their first touch, so skillful players will pick it up no problems whereas donkeys will struggle to get the ball under control. Your players will also change stride to connect with the ball in the best fashion. This was all evident in the game I played until Stewart Downing plucked the ball out of the air, swiveled and launched a volley past Ed De Gea in goal. So maybe not that realistic after all.

The Crew is British Bulldog in cars. You and your mates have to take down a lead car by smashing into it. There is even a “don’t be shit” button which you can press if you having a nightmare and it gets you right back behind the lead car. Quite a good bit of fun and could become an online classic.

The set up for Gran Turismo 6 was amazing. They had a full cockpit, with proper pedals and steering wheel. They also chose the hardest course and the most difficult to handle car. Therefore I was worse than useless, but Ive never looked as good hurtling into a barrier on current gen as I did there. Proof there is still life in the PS3 yet.

But what were my favourite games there. Well I’ve chosen three and surprisingly they are all current gen.

I’m a sucker for a Lego game and Lego Marvel is amazing. The transformation from Bruce Banner to the Hulk had me howling. There’s going to be a huge roster of playable characters as always. This is definitely going to take up a lot of daddy daughter time.


Beyond Two Souls looks like it should be next gen. Graphically it is just sublime. The controls are more intuitive and less spoon fed than Heavy Rain. If you feel like you should go forwards move the controller forwards rather than be told too. As with Heavy Rain there will be numerous endings. However with HR if every choice had three outcomes this will have closer to eight, meaning the possible endings will be vast.

And finally Batman Arkham Origins. Never fear, a new software house has done nothing but good to the franchise. Controls very similar but with a few more gadgets included. There is still no better feeling in gaming than taking out ten goons with one fluid combo.

So there we have it, a very brief look into the future. I’m am very excited about pretty much all of it, my wallet and my wife not so much.

Enjoy Eurogamer.

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3 Responses to “Game Conference 2013”
  1. avatar Solm says:

    Great article neilmat. Still holding off on next gen until next year. Trying to stick to my Pile of Shame only two weeks in boy it’s hard.

  2. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Ooooh…you gone and go me all juiced!

  3. avatar Type40_Dashboxer says:

    Good stuff Sir. I can’t wait to get my hands on AC4. I got to play Beyond Two Souls a few days ago and yeah – it is a pretty pretty game.

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