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Teej Tests…..The Showdown Effect

July 12th, 2013 by

Hello Kitty Pink Punk Teej ArtNow I am not a very big PC gamer, in fact I haven’t played a game with a keyboard since I was young’un and owned an Amiga; so playing The Showdown Effect took some getting used to, especially considering it is an online multiplayer action game. But I thought I’d give it a go. I also do not have a gaming computer nor do I have fibre optic broadband which did become quite a hassle but more on that later. I have discovered that this game can only be played on the keyboard; I did try to remap it to a controller but failed miserably so I had to put up with playing a game out of my comfort zone.

The first thing I have to mention about The Showdown Effect is that the characters are based on 80’s and 90’s action movie heroes. This for all its comedic value got very old very quickly. There are only so many times you can hear ‘I’m just a kindergarten teacher’ before it becomes tiresome.

The second is that the training for this game sucks! Normal training for a game consists of the game telling you some of what to do, this told me nothing. I worked out the majority of the buttons however when it came to going down from one level to another through gaps in the floor I had no clue. It wasn’t until I watched a video on YouTube that I eventually worked out how to do it. I’m sorry but this really annoyed me. How are you meant to learn how to play a game if it doesn’t at least tell you which buttons to press? For someone who hadn’t played a PC game in forever this wasn’t helpful at all. This training also did not prepare you for the actual game. The dummies that you were shooting at were static and in the main game the other players could be darting here there and everywhere, try aiming at them with a mouse pad and a bad connection…pretty much impossible.

As for the main game, there are two types of matches; custom match and ranked match. Ranked match took forever just to allocate players to a game, sometimes I was waiting up to and over ten minutes. Custom matches were easier to access and allows you to create your own rules and choose your own levels, you can customise your characters with weapons and clothes you buy from the AC points you make in the game. Thus unlocking a variety of different ways to kill people.

Radical ninties combat

There are four different types of match you can play within The Showdown Effect, these are: Expendables, One Man Army, Showdown and Team Elimination. However the only game I saw being played on custom matches was Showdown which is like a death match. You are given two five minute periods where you have to try and kill as many other players as possible and if you die you just respawn. Then a third five minutes is added and you have to try and survive for as long as you can. If you die during this third five minute period you then are just spectating whilst everyone kills everybody, until there is an overall winner or the time runs out. When respawning, you didn’t just resurrect in the same place all the time; there were random places where you could respawn all over the level. This I liked as it prevented people from camping and just killing everyone who was coming back to life all the time. And it did allow me to get at least within five seconds away from the respawn spot before someone killed me again.

Another good feature of this game is that you do not have to just play with randoms there is a way of setting up games so only friends can join and play. This is quite handy when you just want to have some mindless fun.  You can have up to eight people in a match, and compared to some games I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but when you are only on a tiny map and everyone is after your blood it seems like millions.

The main problem I had with this game was lag. At one point my character decided to just stand there teabagging the floor with actual fapping sounds! I was always running through other players, this got very annoying when they would then just turn around and blow my head off. The lag wasn’t just exclusive to the main game. It lagged in the training mode as well, this was really frustrating and I did find myself shouting at the game quite frequently.

Eighties Bullet Madness

Overall, despite the lag and the lack of variety of game modes being played in The Showdown Effect; it does have the potential to be a very fun game. There are lots of different ways to take down the other players and you can customise your characters with a whole host of different weapons and clothing. It could be a game you play for a quick fire round when you are bored and have nothing to do or you could get sucked in and just kill everybody in your way in the game for hours. I personally am going to give both a miss, because I can’t really afford to buy a new PC because I’ve thrown this one out of the window.

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