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Teej Tests…..Coconut Dodge Revitalized

June 21st, 2013 by

Hello Kitty Pink Punk Teej ArtSometimes gamers don’t have enough time to commit themselves to an epic game that will take hours upon hours to complete. This is where Coconut Dodge Revitalised comes in. It’s one of those games that you can pick up and play for five minutes at a time, or if you get the bug, hours.

You play as Clawrence the crab and the aim of the game is to dodge coconuts and collect shiny golden coins, gems and other valuable paraphernalia. The premise is simple: you earn more points the longer you stay alive and collecting coins and such add up to a higher score, which can then be seen by your friends to keep it a little competitive.

It is a continuous game that has no end, as long as you can dodge the coconuts you can carry on playing. You are given 3 lives and you can collect Vikings helmets to give you invincibility for a short period of time. When you are in invincibility mode you can collect coconuts for a few points each. This is quite beneficial seeing as the coconut to coin ratio is rarely in your favour.

The levels roll on one after the other and the only thing that breaks them up is a screen full of gold coins as a level up bonus. Each level consists of randomly dropped coconuts, gold coins and other treasures as well as a set maze for each level. In these mazes you can take the easy way and just collect gold coins or you can risk it for a biscuit and go the hard way to collect the gems which are worth considerably more points than the gold coins.

Coconut Dodge level navigation

There are 4 other game modes as well as the main game:

Keepy Uppy – In the main game every so often a beach ball is thrown at you and you have to keep catching it until the number has gone down on the ball and then you get some extra points. Keepy Uppy is this but on steroids. You start off with a beach ball with the number one on it, you catch it, it pops, and you get extra points. Then you get a beach ball that says two on it, you catch it twice, you get extra points. You see where I’m going with this? You miss a ball – end of game. This sounds fairly simple, but you are still trying to dodge coconuts whilst catching the beach balls. There are also two types of beach ball in the main game, yellow ones, which feature in this mini game, are your extra points but there are blue ones as well and these slow down the rate in which the coconuts are falling and it comes in quite handy later on in the game.

Hard-core – This is basically just the hard mode of the game. It is the same as the main game but you only have one life instead of three.

Maze Master – This mini game lets you replay all the mazes you have completed in the game already. However, there is a catch, you are given an amount of points as a target and if you do not reach this target before the end of the maze then its game over. This will you see you taking extra risks collecting gems instead of coins.

Impossible – this is the same as hard-core, except every object that is falling is black, so you have to recognise the shapes instead of colours. This mode is very hard, but if you like a challenge then this is the mode for you.

Coconut Dodge Maze

There is a tutorial to get you started on this game which takes you through a few levels then you are left to your own devices, which is alright as it’s not a hard game to play. The levels start of relatively easy and the difficulty builds up as you go along so it breaks you in nicely. It uses the same music throughout the whole game, but I found once I was engrossed in the game I didn’t really pay attention to the music as I was more bothered with not letting coconuts squish poor Clawrence. The graphics in this game are bright and colourful. It is a HD remake of Coconut Dodge and is retailing on the PlayStation store for £1.99 or if you have PlayStation Plus it’s free (for the time being, so be quick!).

I found Coconut Dodge Revitalised to be a very good game to grab and go. It is very suited to mobile gaming and it is addictive enough to make you want to play it again and again. The presentation is clean and bright, although after a while it will start to send your eyes funny. It’s a fun game for all ages and its price just makes it even better.

MLG Rating: 7/10 Platform: PlayStation Vita Release Date: 05/06/13

Disclosure: Midlife Gamer Community Member TeeJ_x  downloaded Coconut Dodge Revitalised as part of her PlayStation Plus package. The title was reviewed over the course of 1 week on a PlayStation Vita. For more information on what our scores mean, plus details of our reviews policy, click here.

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4 Responses to “Teej Tests…..Coconut Dodge Revitalized”
  1. avatar Weehass says:

    Nice write up Teej. So glad there is a more feminine point of view on here (Mantis Matt doesn’t really count). Hope to read more of your stuff in the future

  2. avatar Travis says:

    Nicely done Teej, informative and fun. I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to MLG, the site is really well produced and everyone seems friendly. I look forward to reading more of your reviews. Keep it up!

  3. avatar BROTHER BROWN says:

    Well done Mrs Currie l look forward to many more Teej Tests in the future.

  4. avatar GoddTodd says:

    Great article Teej! Looks like quire an addictive, “Just one more” type of game.

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