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MidWife Gamer: A Confession

April 2nd, 2013 by

Midwife Gamer LogoYes it’s true, it was us.  Midwife Gamer was, in fact, the Midlife Gamers April Fools for 2013.

So how did it all come about? To be honest I can’t remember everything as I have been running around a forest today looking for Easter Eggs,it is now almost midnight so my brain is fried but I shall try and remember most of it for you.

Well about five months ago Staff Writer Craigie H was looking though various domain names – this is how he rolls – and emailed everyone about how many incorrect spelling variations of Midlife Gamer there actually could be and, after a lengthy email chain between staff members, Community Manager Godd Todd mentioned that Midwife Gamer would be a freaking awesome prank if we redirected all Midlife Gamers to a new site – MidWife Gamer.net

This idea was put on the back burner as Santa was on his way delivering presents to all the good little Midlife Gamers. After the new year celebrations had settled down, Godd Todd emailed me at 4am on a Wednesday morning (stupid timezone thing) reminding me of the Midwife Gamer idea. After much deliberation, we decided that we didn’t want to give Original John a nervous breakdown and settled on removing all Midlife Gamer content and replacing it with Midwife Gamer content rather than setting up a whole new site.

Many websites add one maybe two joke articles. Here at Midlife Gamer we like to go Balls Deep and decided to change the entire front page content, the Facebook and the twitter accounts. In order to make it more realistic we decided to create a mixture of content similar to what you would find on Midlife Gamer but with a very maternal slant.

So I give to you the Midlife Gamer 2013 April Fools Articles

Call the Midwife: The Video Game Preview

Written by Derek ‘Digi’ McRoberts with screenshots and box art created by GoddTodd.

An exclusive reveal from the BBC for their “upcoming release” based on their popular prime time TV show.

Don’t forget to pre-order for early delivery and discount on the link at the end of the review.

8 Bit Adventures: The Big Day Arrives

What could be a more perfect setting to bring back 8 bit Neale and 8 bit Greg?

But what have they been doing for the last 9 months?

One Handed Xbox Controller1 Handed Gaming: 10 Games to play Whilst Bottle Feeding

Written by Simon Stevens

Gaming time limited by your new arrival? Check out these Midwife Gamer friendly suggestions for 3am gaming

Kinect on white backgroundChildbirth: Better with Kinect

Written by Munki Matt

A news story based on real life incidents*

*Real life incidents meaning that there has been snow recently, some women around the world are pregnant and some Midwifes play Video games…..Probably

What’s In The Box – A Special Unboxing

Does this need any introduction?

It’s Oli with a special MWG themed unboxing – need we say more?

50 Shades of Grey: Party Game Review

Written by Mantis Maddie (The MWG alter-ego of our very own Mantis Matt)

A genuine review of an actual game that you can actually buy. Don’t come crying to us in 9 months if you do actually need MidWife Gamer.

The Midwife Gamer Guess the Baby Competition

Collated by Adamski

Can you guess the staff member from their baby photos?

I tell you what. Number 3 just looks like he could be an awesome fella

Future Effect

Written by Craigie H

A look at a recent “study” into how playing video games will affect your unborn child

Pink PC BoxartHello Kitty Online Review

Written by Teej_x

In her first ever review, MLG Community member Tanja writes words about possibly the cutest game ever.

 Square Enix Company LogoChildbirth Simulator announced for PlayStation 4

Written by Munki Matt

Based on a video found by Adamski where two dutch guys subject themselves to the pains of labour

Gaming vs Drugs: Digital Pain Relief

Written by Matron McRoberts (Digi’s MWG Alter Ego)

A report on a scientific study into what could be the future of labour pain relief

My Little Baby Trailer

Written by Simone Stevens (My own MWG Alter Ego)

This game actually exists.

You can actually buy this



Finally a big thank you goes to John for all of his backstage work in making Midwife Gamer appear for 24 hours and also to Godd Todd for creating all of the screenshots, logos and other images that were seen around the world of MidWife Gamer.

So there we have it, a complete archive of this years April Fools Prank. We hope you enjoyed reading these articles as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Much Love


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2 Responses to “MidWife Gamer: A Confession”
  1. avatar MaGe1974 says:

    It was brilliant, loved it!

  2. avatar onionmurders says:

    I was hungover and it took me half an hour to work out was going on! Great work guys

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