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Freebie Friday – 12th April 2013

April 12th, 2013 by

How long has it been since payday? Don’t know about you guys, but I’m already coppering up and scouting the internet for which organs I can sell. Anyone after a kidney? Let me know. Nonetheless, no money shouldn’t mean no gaming so here’s a few freebies I’ve picked up in the app stores this week.

Serious about that kidney though.

Busy Donut Workers

Motor World Car Factory

If you have played titles such as Game Dev Story you will feel right at home with Motor World Car Factory. By simplifying the car factory assembly line into tapping your creation through the various stages of manufacturing before depositing it outside for it to be sold Oh Bibi have got themselves a strangely addictive little title here.

Revelling in the good, but not great, pixelated retro artwork that seems to be a standard for addictive handheld games (Game Dev Story, Tiny Towers, Pocket Frogs, New Star Soccer) Motor World Car Factory starts you off at one side of the screen with three little donut hungry workers and an empty factory.

Your job is to build cars in order to sell them once they roll off the assembly line. The process of this, as previously mentioned, is a straightforward tap to complete. Once the car rolls off the line on the right side of the factory you can add optional extras like cd players and air con before setting the price you wish to sell the car for. Once sold you can use the money you made to start your next car and so on and so forth.

However there is so much more than building and selling cars. There are events to attend, factory statistics to monitor. Employees to hire and train – including your Facebook friends – and lots of part upgrades to research and unlock. On top of all of this there is a ton of side quests that can only be described as wacky.

From corporate spies to stunt car drivers and from rappers to the local superhero CatMan you would think this would be enough, but what game in this day and age would be complete without the undead making an appearance? Motor World Car Factory doesn’t disappoint with the inclusion of Zombie Professors.

As with all freemium games there is the option to purchase in game items and coins with cold hard cash but with all Freebie Friday entries you don’t need to make these purchases as you receive the items as you level up and stop the corporate spies.

Overall, anyone looking for a quick fix game should certainly give Motor World Car Factory their attention.

Sillouette parcour


Next up we have Vector, which wears its debt to Canabalt proudly on its sleeve. Set in a familiar futuristic era, and with the techno soundtrack to boot, Vector adds a certain polish over its predecessor. There’s also a heavy dose of Mirror’s Edge present too as your character can not only jump, but also vault and flip over obstacles using different swipe gestures.  Another nice variation is the added difficulty that comes from a person chasing you throughout the levels. If caught they deliver an electric shock to you and it’s time to start the level again.

The retro-esque pixel style graphics and monochrome colour scheme of Canabalt have been done away with and replaced instead with cool toned backgrounds but, much like Limbo for example, the foreground and your character are presented as black silhouettes, contrasting well against the backdrops. The animations are well done with the characters smoothly moving at all times.

In order to progress through the game you’ll need to unlock certain moves. You can do this through in app purchases to speed things up but coins can also be earned while playing, making it thankfully unnecessary to spend any real money in game.

It’s nothing revolutionary but Vector is a great little game and well worth a download. It’s currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Top Eleven Football Manager

How can you explain Top Eleven Football Manager? Imagine a fully unlicensed FM2013 featuring no famous players and no real world teams. Now place that onto your phone. You now have Top Eleven Football Manager. Well actually that is a bit too simplified.

Top Eleven Football Manager was originally created for, and can still be found on, Facebook. Played by “football fans from across the globe, there are currently approximately 3.9 million players.”

To start off you choose your team name and manager name, I chose my hometown and added FC to the end whilst in true MLG fashion appointed Rusty Ringstinger manager of the team. You are then placed in a league with 13 other teams with the game trying to put your and your friends in the same group initially.

A season only lasts 28 days with the top 7 being promoted to a higher league and top 4 being allowed to play in the Champion League Cup the following “year”. If you time it correctly you can actually watch your games unfold but with the games taking place anytime between 09:00 and 22:00 each day I tended to miss more games than I watched.

You are giving complete control of your club from top to bottom, from managing the team to negotiating sponsorship deals and from buying players to upgrading your stadium you truly are able to make every single decision that a football club can, if you desire.

Overall, Top Eleven Football Manager is not a FM2013 replacement but it is a highly addictive title that fills the football management void that is created by annoying things like your job.

Duck Retro Hunt

Mobile app stores have become a haven for unabashed rip-offs of games from yesteryear, and few are as blatant as Duck Retro Hunt, a clear clone of the NES light gun title. Rather than just being a shoddy knock off copy though, DRH is a surprising amount of fun.

Despite the obvious homage to the original Duck Retro Hunt does what it can to move with the times, for example with the graphics split between 2D sprites and 3D surroundings. They’re bright and colourful, and proudly Nintendo-esque. Best of all, the dog in the deerstalker hat that taunted your misses is still present and correct.

The control options are excellent, with three different options to choose from. Touch controls are present, but much more fun is the option to use the gyroscope instead. There’s a giddy joy in having to spin around on the spot while trying to line up your shots. There’s also an AR mode, where the game uses your phone’s camera and projects the ducks and your gun over your surroundings. As fun as this may seem, losing the cartoony setting does detract slightly in my opinion.

I was a huge fan of the NES original back in the 80’s, and playing this brought back some fantastically nostalgic joy from those days. G this downloaded before Nintendo wise up and get it pulled!

The Classic

The concept of Fruit Ninja is a simple one. Slice the fruit that appears on your sceen using a swipe motion. Extra points are rewarded for slicing multiple fruits with one slice or slicing one fruit with multiple simultaneous swipes. All fruit must be sliced and missing three fuits ends the game. To mix things up a little, the occasional bomb is thrown onto the screen with the obvious end result for slicing them.

Fruit Ninja has a number of modes to play; Zen mode allows players to seek high scores without the hindrance of bombs appearing on the screen. In Arcade mode players have sixty seconds to achieve a high score. Special bananas are added to the standard fruit which have unique bonuses such as doubling points scored for a limited time, increasing the amount of fruit on the screen, or slowing down the movement of all fruit for a short period of time.

In Classic and Arcade mode, special pomegranates are occasionally thrown on screen. In Arcade Mode, it is guaranteed that at the end of each game that a pomegranate will appear, which can be sliced multiple times to get extra points.

Whilst making an appearance as a Kinect game a couple of years ago, I personally feel that this games true home is on a handheld touch screen device and wholly recommend you pick this up for some fruit slicing fun.

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