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Freebie Friday – 8th March 2013

March 8th, 2013 by

Well guys, its that time again where we look at the best in cost effective gaming to set you up for your weekend.

First up we have a title with an incredibly strong pedigree and backing from MLG regulars HunterVP, Oligon, AncientGamer and GamerTepic, who are leading the charge among the one million strong players already engaged in large scale pvp air battles. Of course I’m referring to the recently steam Green-lit title, War Thunder.

From the team at Gaijin Entertainment, who honed their aerial combat games arcade/sim balance with the likes of Bird of Steel and IL-2 Sturmovik, War Thunder is a free to play MMO that allows you to fly your favourite historic planes. Whether it be the relatively unknown Italian Falco to the more recognisable Zeros,Spitfires or Messerschmitts or the heavy Lancaster, Dornier’s or B-17′s, you are given the chance to engage in epic battles between the Allies and Axis forces.

Head on over to www.warthunder.com to download the game today and take to the skies to battle for dominance.


Next up we swap the skies for the tarmac, with our second freebie title.

Real Racing 3, as the title suggests, is the third installment in EA’s mobile racer. Although its two predecessors were full purchase releases, this has been released for free with the obligatory In App Purchases as per the standard Freemium model. This title is a complete package with impressive graphics, silky smooth controls and the addictively competitive leaderboards that will see those competitive among you clammering for the top spot.

This is a fantastic title, and as long as you can ignore the urge to splash additional cash to speed up repairs or upgrades, there is countless hours of entertainment for the on the go petrol head in you.


Next we have New 1000 AD, a browser based strategy with a distinctly old school feel. New 1000AD is a text turn based strategy game where you are tasked with leading a medieval civilisation from a small empire to the top of the food chain. This is attained by managing various factors: population, resources, army, research and alliances you can make with other players for mutual benefits.

With a complex, rewarding and diverse underlying system you can find hours disappearing as you explore your ever expanding sphere of influence while simultaneously developing your settlement and strengthening your army in order to defend your borders.

Understandably this is not for everyone, certainly not for those that put graphical finesse above all else, but those with a love of micro management and stats and figures, or are looking for something different from their gaming can find a good deal of enjoyment in this title given the right chance.


Finally our last current offering is another  mobile release, and this title takes full advantage of the control’s available on your Apple and Android devices.


100 Doors 2013, is a slightly misleading title, which challenges you with traversing well over 100 levels by opening the door to the next stage with intelligent use of the touch, tilt and motion controls available.

Each level consists of a puzzle room which you must unravel, and as you proceed the levels become increasingly perplexing. Probably the epitome of toilet gaming, this game is easy to pick up and play for a quick blast when you have a spare moment.


Now all we have left, is our classic of the week. Both Uncle Fista and our resident game collector Si Stevens have previously advocated the simple addictive nature of our next title.

Fairway Solitaire is an easy game to pick up, but complex enough to warrant that “just another go” mentality. Living up to its name, each round involves clearing cards from the screen by adding them to your existing card in a progressive fashion, adding tens to nines or fives to fours. Bringing in the golf aspect, each round is started with a high over-par score, and the more cards you remove reduces your score with the core aim to finishing out the course with a minimum “stroke” rating.

Variation is brought in with some cards locked in the sand traps until you can uncover the sand wedge card, or even cards locked in the rough which have to be cut out using a neighbouring card from your base deck before it can be used. Bonus cards can also be found which reward you with minigames that can help, or hinder your progress on that particular level.

It sounds simplistic but you will find yourself playing courses over again to improve your overall score. In game purchases are facilitated through cash purchases or bucks earned by completing courses, which allow you to buy new clubs which allow you to change your base card to the club number to help move more cards in quick succession.

Currently out on IOS as well as MAC and PC, it doesn’t matter if you are travelling to work, or sitting on your lunch break, its easy to while away a short period of time in this title.


Well, that is your lot for this week, but check back again next week when Si Stevens will return with more cheap and entertaining options for the discerning gamers.



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One Response to “Freebie Friday – 8th March 2013”
  1. avatar classicgamer says:

    Had Fairway Solitaire for ages now and love it! Very addictive game, nicely artworked too.

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