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Freebie Friday – 22nd February 2013

February 22nd, 2013 by


Another Friday, another set of gratis gaming for you all. Si couldn’t be with you this week, and I doubt he would even find time to play any of this selection with the way he is snowed under so I’m here to guide you through this week’s choices.

We have a true mixture and variety of games in our bulging sack this week.

First up is a browser based puzzle-platfomer called Coma, In which you play a young boy named Pete in search of his sister, who has apparently been locked up by their father. Reminiscent in style to the games of Aminata Design (Machinarium, Botanicula) it has a whimsical, minimalistic and often dark style. Controls are simple, requiring only the use of the up left and right arrow keys, but navigating around the world is quick and context sensitive, with interactions between characters and items automatic. The game can be found at Comagame.net

Infinity Blade is well known to most gamers already, pushing the boundaries of what is graphically possible on portable devices. Well, it is currently free on iTunes, being one of their free apps of the week, so hurry and pick it up. Garnished will almost universal praise on its release, this rouge-like dungeon crawler sees you encountering enemies in one-on-one battles that require simple taps and swipes to perform swings of swords and axes and the casting of spells. Die and you are resurrected as your characters offspring, ready to take the family quest one step further. You can pick this up on iPhone or iPad.

Onto the almost ubiquitous PlayStation Plus mentions. If you are a Vita owner, you can now download two of the best launch titles for nothing: Wipeout 2048 and Lumines: Electronic Symphony. The former, Sony Liverpool (nee Psygnosis’) last game, is a superb entry to the series, marred only by some long load times. The latter, is a brick based puzzler featuring a wonderful soundtrack from the likes of Chemical Brothers, Underworld and LCD Soundsystem. It features an XP system that allows you unlock skins and avatars for use in the game, has plenty of modes to play with and looks great on Vita’s screen.

Next up is Simpsons: Tapped Out. It may have been out a while, but this freemium, world building effort with a polished Simpsons skin is still going strong, and still well worth jumping into, especially if you’re a fan of the series and because, you know, it’s free, on iOS and Android.

The Classic

This week’s classic is Draw Something. Announced recently as surpassing 100 million downloads since its initial release last February, Zynga’s asynchronous draw-em-up lost its initial buzz as quickly as it gained it. The game tasks you with selecting a tiered difficulty of concepts to draw, which you partner has to guess correctly for you both to collect the number of coins awarded to that difficulty. On it release, it was highly fun and addictive, so let’s get back to the drawing board, get matched up on Game Centre if you haven’t already, and try to recapture some of that spirit.

That’s all for this week folks. If you have spotted something great that costs nothing, think we have missed something or have a recommendation for the Classic Freebie section then why not get in touch via the Forum messaging system

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