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MLG Game of Year – 4th Place

January 3rd, 2013 by

There has been a sad precedent in the last few years, with retro titles being brought to the latest consoles in grotesque FPS parodies of their former selves. For many, seeing that this fate was also ascribed to a classic, hard as nails strategy like X-Com : Enemy Unknown, was a move too far and the uproar over this decision was quite venomous from the die hard fans of the old school title.

It was during this period, that the team at Firaxis announced that they too were working on an X-Com title, and this one would be a true to the original Strategy title.

With so many people, disappointed with the prospect of possibly another mediocre shooter, now elated at the announcement of a game closer to the original, and the lack of strategy games in the current console market, this game was destined to do well so long as the title was compelling enough in its own right.

The fact this title has taken the number four spot, gives a true indication of how well this title was received.

With such a fine heritage, this game would always have been hard pressed to please all fans of the original series, while still appealing to a new generation of gamers who weren’t around when the original released in 1994.

With a streamlined combat system under the hood, X-COM: Enemy Unknown is a fantastic introduction to the genre, with enough complexity to satisfy the most obsessive micro-management fan. Introducing an RPG style development tree for each of your soldiers, you truly get the feeling that the make-up of your team is to some extent unique. Whether it be a run’n’gun approach with shotgun toting troops, slow and steady with heavy gunners, or picking the aliens off at range with your dead-eye snipers or a mixture in between, this caters to the way you want to play.

Managing the ever present threat of countries defection and the upgrade and developing of your base, all the while fighting off the alien scourge, you have a package that is deep, engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable.

Some of the community gave us a quick line or two about their own opinions on the game.

“I haven’t finished it. I don’t feel I need to .It will always be there, calling to me to take part in its endless loop of achievement and failure, progress and challenge.” – Craigie H

“THE BEST console turn based strategy ever made, hopefully relighting the genre for console players” – Linton

If you have as yet not played this game, I could not recommend it higher as this is truly a fantastic reboot of a beloved series.

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