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Freebie Friday – 25th January 2013

January 25th, 2013 by

Hi guys, after an extended festive break we are back with some more zero cost gaming.

Now that the disappointment of the 12 days of Christmas from Apple is out of the way and most sales and special offers have ended we turn our attention to what is available at the zero cost price point.

So what do we have this week? Well, we have an endless runner that changes things up a little, a hybrid title that crosses both music and puzzle genres, a lunchtime escape attempt and finally we have something that is just simply bat shit insane.

First up, we have Punch Quest.

At first glance, Punch Quest is your average endless runner with the core of the game being a “how far can you go” affair. This perspective soon changes when you start to get to grips with the combat system within the game. A simple tap on the left side of the screen performs a flying uppercut whilst the right side produces a quick jab.  Holding both, once you have unlocked the ability, blocks. Like a number of titles in the endless runner genre, you are given three objectives to try and reach ranging from the simple “Kill x enemies” to “Using X powerup in X way X amounts of times”. Completion of these objectives rewards you with Punchos which in turn allows you to purchase bigger and better armour and special moves.

The bench mark for free to play games for me is simply; how overbearing is the monetisation aspect? In this respect Punch Quest has rocketed to the top of my charts as the approach is so hands-off I actually had to check that there was a monetisation aspect within the game before writing this sentence.

Of course, what sort of title would this be without Leaderboards? Based on my Game Centre account there are a number of the MLG community balls deep in this game already from the (current) leader Jayce Stokes – who has an insanely high score – down to Uncle Fista, who I am going to give the benefit of the doubt to and say he is setting the bar low to give us all a chance.

I am giving little else away with Punch Quest purely as I don’t want to spoil the “Holy Crap did I just see that” moments which are frequent within the game all I will say is download this title now and fall in love with it. Just don’t blame me when you lose the circulation in your legs from sitting on the toilet for too long.

As we already reported here, Sony are giving away a PlayStation Mobile title every week for six weeks and it is this that makes it into this weeks Freebie Friday.

Beats Slider is a twist on the old style sliding puzzle games.  Faced with a number of coloured blocks you are tasked with sliding them into their correct positions. As you slide each block into its correct position it will light up and add an additional beat to the in game music. Completing the level allows you to hear the complete song with all of the instruments playing.  With each level having a Gold, Silver and Bronze finishing time this is surely something that the completionists amongst us will keep on going back to.

Once you have completed a level you can enter the Remix mode which allows you to place the blocks anywhere you wish and experiments with the levels music.  If you love sliding puzzle games you will enjoy Beats Slider. If you don’t like sliding puzzle games then hey, it’s free. You have nothing to lose.

The Lunchtime quick fix

Now if you, like most of the country, can’t be bothered leaving the office at lunchtime due to the snow you can do far worse than checking out 4 walls.

4 Walls is a short, smart escape game with puzzles that rely on intuition, common sense and observation. For a browser based game, the atmosphere is fantastic coupling an eerie soundtrack with effective visual effects. Ideally for the office there are no jump inducing scares if you click on the wrong item, but if you are looking to wile away a lunch time then fire it up and see if you can escape the 4 walls.


Finally, we have the browser based title Frog Fractions.

Here is the point where we normally feature a trailer for the game we are talking about but after 45 minutes of searching I haven’t been able to find one that doesn’t give some part of this game away. The discovery is part of the beauty of Frog Fractions so instead I’ve decided to include a video of the song that I can’t get out of my head for three days now.

Now if you think that is the strangest thing you have experienced in the last month then you obviously haven’t played Frog Fractions

The sheer craziness of this title and the oddities that it holds cannot be given away in a review it has to be experienced.  You are meant to look at this game and scratch your head wondering why it is getting so much love. It’s a simple game for simple people trying to learn fractions, right?

When you finish a level you are greeted with the unlockables menu. Cool, Lock on Targeting. Thank you very much. Finish level 2 and the same unlock menu is displayed. A Dragon? A Work Visa? What the hell is this? And with that you are hooked. Buckle up because you are about to go on one of the most exciting, enjoyable, confusing, bat shit insane, superbly crafted indie titles that you will ever play.


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