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MLG Game of The Year – 8th Place

December 29th, 2012 by

Minecraft made its way to the Xbox 360 back in May of this year. I am happy to admit that at the time I had never played it before. I was completely aware of what it was and how it was taking the PC community by storm but the thing was I just didn’t get was; what hooked them? On the day it was released I switched my 360 on and couldn’t believe how many people on my friends list were playing it. So I took the plunge to see what the big deal was. Surely mining materials and building stuff couldn’t be that exciting right? Wrong!

Minecraft is one of those games that make time fly, you jump on it and think I’ve got half an hour to kill, next thing you know the suns coming up in the real world and you’ve just spent the best part of eight hours building a castle. But that’s not the worst thing, rather than wanting or needing to turn the game off all you can think about is that blocky castle needs a moat and a drawbridge.

I really didn’t expect to be hooked in by this game like I was. You get out of Minecraft what you put into it. The only limit to your enjoyment is your imagination. There’s not set objectives besides the ones that you set for yourself. You also feel really good about your work when you invite a friend into your world and they are impressed with what you have built.

The Midlife Gamer community was all over this when it was released; so much so that you had to make sure you were online early just to secure a place in the multiplayer lobby. We all lived in Minecraft for a while. Building houses next door to one another, battling off the creatures of the night. I’ve taken a lot of great memories from this experience.

I don’t play it as often now but that’s because I know if I turn it on then I am going to lose hours to it and I have quite the pile of shame that needs conquering. I fully intend to return to Minecraft soon, as it is constantly being updated and is now getting closer and closer to having as much content as its older PC brother.

Minecraft is fully deserving of its place in the Midlife Gamer: Game of the year list, it brought us all together to share in the same experience. So if you haven’t tried it yet or don’t get it, all I can say is just try it; but don’t blame me when you start thinking that the real world looks far too smooth.

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