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Freebie Friday – 7th December 2012

December 7th, 2012 by

I did it. I survived the Christmas shopping trip. I feel fully prepared for the impending Zombie Apocalypse now as I know what every single store from my house to the shops 100 miles away stock.

A quiet week this week when it comes to freebies, without touching on the obvious PlayStation Plus freebie of Batman Arkham City, I think a lot of titles are being held back in the freebie stakes with the run up to Christmas.  Remember to keep an eye on the App store for Apples 12 days of Christmas App which will give you a free “something” every day for 12 days once it is released.

So what do we have this week? Well we try and spot some celebrities, build a Xmas empire and run into an incoming zombie horde

First up we have Lords & Knights: Xmas Edition. For a limited time, to celebrate the Christmas holidays, the popular MMOG has been given a Christmas snow covered theme.

As the Lord of your kingdom, it is up to you to both build and maintain a castle whilst attacking other players in order to steal materials for you to evolve and defend your mighty abode.

Although not a ground-breaking concept in the gaming world it does fit very nicely into the pick up and play style of iOS devices. The key difference in my mind is that your device will alert you when you building has been upgraded or your army has finished attacking which allows you to keep on top of everything.  Something that can’t be achieved with a simple internet browser.

This is what makes Lords & Knights stand out. It does not try to reinvent the wheel. It takes simple and established mechanics and refines them to be quicker, smarter, more user friendly and fun.

Secondly we have Into the Dead.  Now I know what you are thinking. Another zombie runner. Didn’t we do this last week? I will grant you that both zombies and endless runners are starting to saturate the market but Into the Dead does something a little different.

Into the Dead is a First Person Endless Runner. Using the premise that you are a lone, unnamed survivor whose only chance of staying alive is to run headfirst into the oncoming horde; and this is what you do, for as long as possible, whilst avoiding items like poles and fences which will hinder your progress.

Calling Into the Dead addictive is an understatement. Digital Pariah tweeted me about this game late Thursday afternoon and I lost 5 hours to it stopping briefly to put the kids to bed and to put together the Freebie Friday that you are currently reading.

This is, in part, to the 4 different control methods (tilt, tap, invisible thumb stick and mirrored thumb stick) integrated into the game allowing you to play the game the way you most feel comfortable.

The black and white graphics gives the title a rather 1968 Living Dead feel. Apart from the splatter of Red when you are finally caught or the yellow glow of the Zombies eyes which underlines the creepy environment that you are running into.

As you progress you will be able to purchase weapons which will aid you in your subsequent runs which will win you more coins to allow you bigger upgrades and so on and so forth. Into the Dead is a perfect example of a pick up and play game whether you are a casual or a hardcore gamer.

Honourable Mention

Finally, a honourable mention goes to Famous Faces. A quiz game similar to the Logos quiz which became so popular a few months ago only this time you are guessing drawn celebrity faces.

Sometimes these faces can be obvious as to who they are whilst other times the drawing is so bad you have to sit and think about it. When this occurs imagine playing Draw Something with a drunk person who only had a rough idea of what the celebrity looked like and you’re getting close.

There are currently 13 different categories from Badly Drawn Celebs to Zombies, to Mother Goose (fairytale characters) to Drawn By You. All of which will test your celebrity guessing prowess. Worth picking up just for the commute home tonight.


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