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Freebie Friday 14th December 2012

December 14th, 2012 by

Hiya guys,  Once again back in the saddle for this weeks Freebie Friday, bringing you a selection of free games we have found this week.

With Christmas closing fast, and under two weeks to go, sales and giveaways are picking up in preparation. Firstly, now up on the app store is Apples 12 days of Christmas App which will give you a free “something” every day for 12 days once it is released. hop on over here to pick it up. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/itunes-12-days-of-christmas/id479672983?mt=8


So what do we have this week? Well, we bring back a character from his gaming prime, provide you with what is effectively an arcade version of “Worlds Deadliest Police Chases”, and give you a couple of lunchtime distractions that try hard to invent and defy convention.

First up, we have a limited time offer from the awesome guys over at Good old Games (www.gog.com). Until 14:59 GMT today, GOG are offering Duke Nukem 3D absolutely free, so here is your chance to forget the abysmal, disastrous and long awaited flop that was Duke Nukem Forever, and return to the heady days when Duke was king of PC Gaming. A small side note, this is also available for the first time on OSX, so even Mac lovers can kick ass alongside their PC brethren. So, as Painjunkie would say, “GET ON IT!!!”


Next, we have our token free iOS game, which this week comes from Hutch Games in the form of Smash Cops Heat. Observing from the perspective of a news helicopter following the action, you are charged with navigating the city and taking down the perp by smashing your car into him. With simplistic, but accurate touch controls it only takes a short period to get used to maneuvering your patrol car about the environment. With power-ups, collectables and a decent variety of missions that last only a few minutes,  this is a fun, tongue-in-cheek action game that is good for on the go.



Lunchtime quick fix

Ok guys, just for a change, I thought I would supply you with two free browser games, that last less than 45 minutes, and can easily be completed on a lunch break.

First we have Undo The End from Disco Fish Games.

This quirky little game has you wake to find the world in ruins. Prompted by someone wearing the same jump suit as you, you must navigate the world to try to work out what has happened, and how to reverse it. To aid you, you are supplied with a “device” which allows you to temporarily teleport into the past to overcome obstacles in the future.

A simple platformer with a unique mechanic, this is a great little game you can complete in a fifteen minute sitting. Head here to have a go. http://www.newcave.com/game/undo-the-end


Last, but no means least, we have Thanks for Playing from Alkemi Games.

Throwing convention to the wind, this game has you start, at The End. From here you must work your way back to the beginning of the game, (un)collecting gems and respawning enemies in order to reduce your score to zero by the time you reach the start. Another platformer that, with a ten minute play time, is easy to complete, but much harder to master.

Incorrectly make a move, such as fall further than you could possibly have jumped, or collect an uncollected gem and you create a paradox forcing you to restart the screen at hand.

Check it out here http://jayisgames.com/games/thanks-for-playing/



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