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MidlifeGamer Community Awards 2012

November 27th, 2012 by

Its almost December, and once again we approach the end of another gaming year.

There have been a lot of big games, a lot of disappointing games, and a lot of surprising games that have arrived in our machines of choice in the last 12 months, and here at Midlife Gamer we want you to decide, as a community, which game truly shone as the gem of 2012.

As such, rather than setting out contenders for specific categories, such as best FPS or best Soundtrack, that we see year in year out across many gaming sites, we have decided to go for a more unique approach.

There will be no categories. There will be no lists of preselected games. There will be no contenders, other than those you yourself put forward. That’s right, you will choose who wins directly.

So, how does it work?

Simply put, we need you to rank your favourite games of the year – up to a maximum of five – and send them to us, and if you wish a couple of lines as to why. Alongside that, we will allow one selection for our Stinker award, the game that in your opinion was truly not worth the disk it was burned on, or the hard-drive space it filled.

Only fully released titles qualify, and as such any Alpha/Beta code you may have selected will go in the honourable mention list along with those titles that don’t quite break into the top 10.

You can place a vote for a game from any genre or format. So if your favourite game of 2012 was that Farming Simulator you download for your iPhone then vote for it.

The game must have been released in the calender year of 2012.

Once the votes have been cast, we will assemble the staff to count the tally to see the ultimate winner. Each position between first and fifth will be allotted a point score as follows: 10 points for first, five points for second, three points for third, two points for fourth and one point for fifth place.

Once the order is set, we will be updating the site on a daily basis with a countdown to the Midlife Gamer community Game of the Year.

Voting closes at 23:59 on the 14th December 2012 and is open to all.

So, time to get your thinking caps on, and PM your entries to Simon Stevens through the forum. Happy voting!!

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11 Responses to “MidlifeGamer Community Awards 2012”
  1. avatar LETHAL_Gman says:

    The Walking Dead for GOTY. ‘Nuff said. *drops mic

  2. avatar cramtheman says:

    1.Dark Souls..prepare to die edition. Best game this generation just got better.
    2.Assassins Creed 3..A gaming history lesson.
    3 The walking dead..it left me an emotional wreck
    4.NFS most wanted..best NFS since the original 3DO version.
    5.Halo 4..the best Halo yet.

  3. The Walking Dead.

  4. avatar DrunkRogue68 says:

    The Walking Dead – If you have played it you know why and if you haven’t then why not!!!

  5. avatar Derek "Digi" McRoberts says:

    Guys, can I ask that if you havent already, send Si Stevens a PM with your top 5 so we can collate the votes and get a list for our top ten rundown.

    Still 10 days to go, so get voting.

  6. avatar Adamski UK says:

    I’ve just sent my choice(s) to SiStevens.

  7. avatar metalshed says:


  8. avatar metalshed says:

    1 The Walking Dead,
    2 Xcom Enemy Unknown
    3 hitman absolution
    4 Halo 4
    5 Journey

    sorry bout the random 1 post above.

    Personally i think its not been too bad a year.

  9. avatar metalshed says:

    erm, whats a PM? how do i send one….. help.

  10. avatar Simon Stevens says:

    Hi metalshed,

    If you click on “forum” above you should then see a button called “inbox”.

    It is within this that you can send PM’s

  11. avatar metalshed says:

    thanks simon.

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