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Freebie Friday – 16th November 2012

November 16th, 2012 by

Welcome to the first edition of Freebie Friday.  What is Freebie Friday I hear you ask.  Well it’s a marriage between the best working day of the week and our favourite price point in gaming.

What we aim to bring to you is the very best in zero cost gaming whether this be a free smartphone game, free dlc or a game related app.  If it’s free and we’ve been playing it you will more than likely find it here.


First up is Extreme Road Trip 2.

If you haven’t heard your iOS device go mental this week with people posting their scores then you have probably lost it. Based on my device I think the world and their dog have been playing this game.

The concept is a simple one; you’re in a car and you are continually travelling in a forward direction.  In front of you is an endless path of hills and valleys.  You have to control your vehicle until you either a) run out of fuel or b) land without your wheels touching some part of the ground.

The controls are simple: as you launch into the air from reaching the peak of a hill or by hitting a mine you perform tricks and stunts by utilising a right and left button which makes your car flip clockwise or anticlockwise respectively.

When you successfully complete a trick you are rewarded with a small nitro boost, the size of which is dependent on the complexity of the trick you performed. Whilst you are travelling on the nitro boost you are not using your limited fuel tank and this is the main social aspect of Extreme Road Trip 2 – travel as far as possible on a single tank of fuel in the car you have chosen. The competitive aspect is driven home by ghost cars of everyone that is on your game centre that has played the game.

Along the way there are various pickups such as additional fuel and coins which can be used for upgrades or even a new car.

Here is what the Midlife Gamer Community had to say about the game

I’ve never encountered a game that is as thoroughly addictive and fun to play. The controls are absolutely spot on, and there’s something sublime about racing alongside Game Centre friends doing crazy flips. The best way to drain your device’s battery right now!” – The creator of the addiction, Uncle Fista

Better than Curiosity.” – Uninterested in tapping, Type40Dashboxer

It’s Tiny Wings with a nitrous injection, coupled with a very rewarding progression system. “ – Year of Shamer, JayceStokes

16bit gaming recreated in iOS form, it’s simple, addictive and most importantly it’s FUN!” – Top of the charts, Welsh Benno

…my IPhone rings like a Xmas tree” – Driving on the wrong side, Oli

What do you get if you cross Trials HD with Moon Buggy and add into the mix a range of collectibles, a levelling system and multiple leader boards courtesy of Gamer Centre, with a just one more go hook? Only the best god darned 69p you’re likely to spend on an iOS game!” – So impressed he wants to pay for it, Lethal G Man

You know it’s a good iOS title when it makes me go and turn off Game Centre notifications”- Enemy of Spam, Mantis Matt


Extreme Road Trip 2 is one of those games that has the “just one more go” hook completely nailed and is perfect for both commuting and toilet gaming; just don’t blame us if you miss your stop or fall over because of a lack of circulation in your legs.

Honourable Mentions

Our first honourable mention this Friday goes to Puzzle Craft.  Recently reviewed here at Midlife Gamer, this title has been reduced to a free title for an unspecified, limited period.

When Puzzle Craft was reviewed last month we said that it was a genuine contender for iOS game of the year so go check it out.

Finally our second honourable mention is for Dragon Island Blue. To celebrate the development of Hunter Island on Facebook; ZigZaGames are making Dragon Island Blue a free title for a limited period from the 17th November.

The game is a cross between Pokemon and Shining Force and is quickly establishing itself as a firm favourite amongst RPG fans.

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One Response to “Freebie Friday – 16th November 2012”
  1. avatar currierox says:

    Awesome post mate, also worth pointing out that Wreckateer is free on Xbox live this week in the 10 year anniversary sale. I’m assuming all you need is a gold subscription to take advantage of this deal

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