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Freebie Friday – 23rd November 2012

November 23rd, 2012 by

Here we are again. If, like me, you have managed to wean yourself away from Extreme Road Trip 2 you will be looking for your next hit of freebie goodness.

This week has been a strange week for freebies with some being held off ready for Black Friday whilst others have become free in preparation for America’s biggest sale day.

So what do we have this week? Well we get our groove on, have a kick about and see the return of an old “favourite”.


First up we have Freemium title Groove Coaster Zero. How can you explain Groove Coaster Zero? Well it’s kind of a cross between Magic Piano and a psychedelic roller coaster.

Groove Coaster Zero is a full blown music title where you have to not only tap the screen at the specified times but also have enough rhythm about you to hit the screen to hit the hidden “notes”.

Technically sound in its simple execution, Groove Coaster Zero will have you leaning around the bends in order to ascertain where the next tap is going to be. Hit enough notes and start to build a Fever Chain, get a big enough Fever Chain and earn big points; and we all know what points make. Prizes, well in this case it unlocks a new song.

You can download more tracks although not with the depth of choice that titles such as Magic Piano and Tap Tap Revenge enjoy and these cost 200 coins.  200 coins cost £1.49 so the impatient amongst us may feel this is a costly app but personally I never felt I needed to purchase coins in order to progress.

Groove Coaster Zero is not a toilet game but it is very relaxing and is ideal for a bus or train journey to just immerse yourself in both the music and motion of the funkiest fairground ride to grace iOS.

Secondly we have Dream League Soccer.  With the football genre monopolised by FIFA and Pro Evo any game that is trying to break into the market has to find a niche in order to be successful. New Star Soccer successfully did this but unfortunately is not a free title; so the penny counting gamers look to a new contender – Dream League Soccer.

Rendered in 3D with an on screen analogue controller with 3 buttons, Dream League Soccers matches comes pretty close to a FIFA 10 match as a free title could ever hope to both in graphics and gameplay.  The controls are simple but they also feel very natural and within a few minutes you will be pinging the ball around before crossing it to your striker to score a wonder goal.

You don’t have the likenesses or teams or even the competitions that you get with FIFA or PES – your team is called Dream FC for crying out loud – but then if you want see Fernando Torres hair bounce gracefully under his Alice band then you pay the 40 bucks. If you want an enjoyable, quick to engage football match then you could do a lot worse than Dream League Soccer.

Honourable Mention

It’s back, just don’t tell Uncle Fista.  That’s right, the community addiction of 2011 Tiny Tower returns. Now with added bells and whistles.

In the latest patch released this week Tiny Tower now features missions. Very similar to “sets” from  Nimblebits other Freemium title Pocket Frogs, players will now be rewarded in Tower Bux for stocking a set number of products in relation to the mission.  For example to complete the mission “Comic Convention” you need to stock 2,500 Mage Cards from your Comic Store and 2,000 Cold Medicine – obviously to fight off that nasty bout of Eurogamer Aids – from your Pharmacy.

The next addition that Nimblebit has added this week also aids the newcomers to the game.  You can now gift your stock to a friend. Perfect if said friend doesn’t have the required floor in order to create the stock themselves.

With these additions it adds an extra dynamic to how you play the game as well as allow players to amass a Tower Bux fortune in very little time.

Spotted a freebie that you think we should cover? Then drop me a PM on the forum and we may just feature it in the next edition of Freebie Friday.

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4 Responses to “Freebie Friday – 23rd November 2012”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    I enjoyed the original Groove Coaster after it was mentioned by the Fista. It starts of relaxing, but introduces new mechanics as difficulty progresses. If I’ve got room on my iOS device, I’ll give that a go.

    Football….nah, not for me.

    Tiny Tower…no way, not again….might get my kids on it though…a nice simple (on the surface) title for them to play around with.

  2. avatar classicgamer says:

    Oh no! I’ve downloaded Tiny Tower again, I managed to waste months on this last year but kinda missed it, not bothered about football either and will try groove coaster zero as I missed it first time around.

  3. ….”If, like me, you have managed to wean yourself away from Extreme Road Trip 2″….

    I NEED TO!!!

  4. avatar Azrial says:

    Still trying to tear myself away from The Simpsons Tapped Out, been hooked on that game for months now.

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