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Retro Games Night

August 9th, 2012 by

On Wednesday 1st August, couple of guys from the community  and I were lucky enough to be able to attend a retro themed gaming night being held by Retro World Birmingham.

Retro fans from all over the area swarmed upon the store to take part in a series of challenges and competitions, and maybe snap up a few bargains in the process. Attendees took part in tournaments on Mario Kart and Street Fighter II on the SNES, a score challenge on Asteroids on the Atari 7800 and a timed based challenge on Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive.

Although a small affair, with it being the first event held with an attendance of around 50, gamers of all ages enjoyed the chance to step back in time and relive some of the glory days of gaming. As well as by myself, Midlife Gamer was well represented by EpicToneDog, TheBoyMatt and JayceStokes (who was victorious in the Asteroids challenge).

Located just outside the city centre in the Digbeth area of Birmingham, Retro World is a store dedicated to all things retro, from artwork to figurines, but gaming is the real focus of the store. The walls are covered with Mega Drive, Master system and SNES games, display cases are packed with cartridges of all shapes and sizes and shelving units overflow with PS1, PS2, PSP and Dreamcast titles.

The plan is for this to become a regular event, with Rob and the crew happy to take on board any suggestions for future events. The next event is pencilled in for Wednesday October 3rd so mark it in your diaries if you fancy showing off your retro skills. If you have any enquiries or suggestions you can contact rob via Twitter @MyRetroShop online at  http://www.entertainmentworld.co.uk or via phone on 0121 7425625.

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9 Responses to “Retro Games Night”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Gutted that I couldn’t make it, looks like it was a great time had by all.
    Props to MyRetroShop for doing what online retailers can’t…as we know here at MIdlife Gamer, its all about the community spirit!

  2. avatar DigitalPariah says:

    Looking at all those retro cartridges in the pictures bring back some awesome memories of those games.

  3. Looks and sounds like an awesome event. Shame i could make it either.

  4. avatar Retro World says:

    Fantastic write up, good to see great feedback, couldn’t of done it without the support from you guys!.
    hope to see many more in October.

  5. avatar metalshed says:

    Wow looking at those NES carts, theyre HUUUUGE, it felt like u actually got something for ur money back then. I have a boxed and mint SNES street fighter 2 Turbo edition with game cart, unused in my loft as i had one on the go when my grandparents bought me it, I wonder???£?£???££££££££

  6. avatar metalshed says:

    we need more games cons and gatherings in the uk, though i dunno why im sayin this as i live in the north east, where Sega Saturn just came out!!!

  7. avatar supermario says:

    Very cool write up, Would love to attend the next one. Kudos to Retro World for hosting such an event.
    Shop looks cool also, oh the memories.

  8. avatar Vampire Azrial says:

    Why did I not know about this shop? Birmingham is just down the road for me to get to.

  9. avatar mike says:

    do you have conker bad fur day, TMNT Turtles in Time Super ,Tombi 2 ,Cannon spike,Megaman 8, Chorno trigger, Strider 2, Sonic shuffle,
    Project justice dreamcast, castlevania symphony of the night. megaman legends 1 and 2

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