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Midlife Gamer Pile of Win

August 29th, 2012 by

Last year, during the Eurogamer Expo, we raised a whopping £2000 for GamesAid thanks to the efforts of our wonderful community. It was an outstanding achievement but perhaps it could have been better, perhaps more people could have been able to get involved, perhaps this year everyone, regardless of whether or not you’re at Eurogamer, can get in on the charitable giving and gaming fun with a new kind of charity drive. Well low and behold we Midlife Gamers don’t just sit around all day picking our noses, we plot and scheme, and by doing so have come up with The Pile of Win.

The Pile of Win has a simple goal: to clear at least one title from you pile of shame and to raise some money and some smiles by doing so.

“How will this work?” you ask. Well that’s simple too. To be recognised as a Pile of Win participant you must play a game from your pile of shame – or more than one game – and raise a minimum of £5 to give to GamesAid. As a participant you will have seven days from Friday 14th of September to play the game. Throughout the process we encourage you to film yourself playing or post pictures, post on the official forum thread, live stream, whatever takes your fancy. Perhaps get your friends and family involved, maybe play a party game with the kids or have your partner film you dancing to a motion game. This is about turning the negative of a pile of shame into something positive – let’s celebrate the games we don’t have time to play, while at the same time, raise money for a worthy cause.

It’s as simple as that. Interested in getting involved? Of course you are. Sign up for The Pile of Win on the forum post here and also why not post a picture of yourself with your pile of Win nominated game/s to feature on our Wall of Win photo gallery coming soon – this is completely optional, mind.

Our GamesAid giving page will be active leading up to Eurogamer Expo 2012 and stay active for several weeks to allow you to get your funds donated. Meanwhile, at the Midlife Gamer Eurogamer Expo party 2012 on Saturday 29th of September, we will be raising additional funds from our raffle, auction and sexy pub quiz to join the Pile of Win kitty, as well as naming and glorifying those who went above and beyond in the Pile of Win charity drive with their donations.

In fact there are tiers with rewards.

What the Member does What they raise What they get in return
Gold Entry - £5 + Photo on the Wall of Win (optional)Thanked on the Midlife Gamer Podcast
Platinum Entry - £10 + All aboveCertificate of participation (PDF)
‘Balls Deep’ Entry - £15 + All aboveSpecial deluxe printed certificate signed by Matt & Daren sent by post or presented to you at our Eurogamer party


And that’s not all. Our top three fundraisers will have the honour – oh yeah, it’s an honour – of being invited to join Matt and Daren on a future episode of the Midlife Gamer Podcast.

That, my friends, is The Pile of Win charity drive. You can start giving straight away with the Just Giving link below.
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

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6 Responses to “Midlife Gamer Pile of Win”
  1. avatar DigitalPariah says:

    fantastic gentlemen. I want more of those 8 Bit videos.

  2. avatar MaGe1974 says:

    Can we have a series of those 8 Bit vids please? Pretty please?

  3. Oh..alright then…

  4. avatar huntervp says:

    i also agree i want more 8 bit vids

  5. What the public wants, the public gets. Stay tuned.

  6. avatar D5120 says:

    +1 on the 8 bit vids :)

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