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Midlife Gamer Community Let’s Play: DayZ

July 18th, 2012 by

Ladies and Ladyboys, Episode Two of the Midlife Gamer DayZ extravaganza is here.

In this episode an incredible eight awesome Midlife Gamers crew up in the centre of Cherno and under suppressing fire from two knobber snipers still manage to have a ruddy, bloody brilliant time.

This episode includes some excellent choice clips of a four hour Sunday session including plenty of zombie shooting, raids through the city and an awesome hand grenade attack on a hospital at about 24 minutes in, which in true Midlife Gamer style goes horribly off the rails.

The video ends with Tilt and Antman attempting to climb a chimney but following a wrong step the pair end up performing a Fred Dibner style suicide pact

Hope you all enjoy and thanks to everyone who joined in, it’s the community at its very best!

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One Response to “Midlife Gamer Community Let’s Play: DayZ”
  1. avatar Damo says:

    Hey guys, Im a veteran (If I don’t say so myself) DayZ player and love Midlife Gamer, any chance you guys are looking for anymore to join your group. We have about 10-15 regulars and a server full to the brim with our vehicles. You guys are more than welcome to join us if you wish too. Keep up the entertaining videos :)

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