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DiRT Showdown Event – UK Tournament

May 16th, 2012 by

The UK’s first DIRT Showdown tournament event took place on Friday 11th May in the Penthouse Studio at the iconic Custard Factory in Birmingham.

Put the words “DIRT”, “PENTHOUSE” and “CUSTARD” together and you might be thinking of a different kind of ‘specialist’ entertainment….but this was raw, destructive racing. Drifting, ramming, smashing and battling their way to the front, one racer would be regional champion.

Organised by developers Codemasters and local event specialists Punch Records, the evening brought together gamers from around the Midlands, giving them the chance to experience the game and make it through to the national final to be held later this year in London.

JayceStokes & Adamski UK getting some practice

Midlife Gamers JayceStokes and myself stuck our names down for the competition which consisted of a free play session early on followed by an intense knockout tournament to crown the elite DIRT Showdown driver. Jayce had been putting in some practice and me….well, I had nothing to lose.

34 gamers signed up and after spending some time getting ready for the competition on the dozen Xbox Pods in the penthouse, it was time for a random draw for the first round. Host with the most was local artist Andre Hesson who got the crowd warmed up and ready, drawing names from his very fetching hat ready to compete split screen in a game of “8-Ball” (Figure of eight track for maximum carnage).

Jayce and I made it through the first round which saw half of the entrants walking home for an early bath. Next round saw me having my arse handed to me on a plate (no surprise there), but the real battle was with JayceStokes. He’d been draw with an alleged Street Fighter Champion and was on his tail for most of the race until a sideswipe on a cross over put him to the back of the field. Doing his best to make up time, the race and competition was over for Jayce.

Much of the crowd had now left and the sun began to set over Birmingham’s skyline, basking the sparse penthouse in long shadows and a warm glow.

The next couple of rounds saw some fierce split screen racing and disappointment whittling down the competition to two finalists.

It was to be a Wolverhampton local derby final between Gore84 from Wendsbury and ActualSp4ceman from Wendsfield. Wishing one another good luck and a final shake of the hands, the final 10 lap race of the evening was underway. Random starting positions put Gore84 on Pole position and ActualSp4ceman at the back of the pack, but the crowd that remained were in for a gripping ten lap final.

Boosting his way clear of the pack, Gore84had the track to himself leaving ActualSp4ceman behind with a lot of work to do and he knew it, but he soon tore his way through the pack avoiding t-bones, shunts and barriers…the race was on. This really was a great game of close calls as both drivers struggled to shake off scrapes, dig the tyres into the gravel and power to the finish and a place in the London final.

ActualSp4ceman & Gore84 in the Final

Less than a single turn separated the two, but it was Gore84that took the chequered flag after an incredibly valiant effort from ActualSp4ceman. It was an exciting end to the evening and once the congratulations and prizes had been handed out, everyone relaxed on the balcony as the sun dipped below the horizon…realising that the champions of the evening had been playing since the days before flat screen TV’s, wireless joypads and disc based gaming…both true Midlife Gamers. Take a look at the recent DIRT Showdown trailer here.

As a lad from the Midlands myself, I’d like to wish Gore84 (Greg) all the very best for the national final in London later this month. We’ll let you know how he gets on.

DiRT Showdown will be released on May 24th on Xbox, PS3 and PC.

Keep up to date with all the DiRT Showdown news here at Midlife Gamer.

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2 Responses to “DiRT Showdown Event – UK Tournament”
  1. avatar Sp4ceman says:

    Epic final , I wish greg all the best in the final , lets hope he does it for us in the final for wolves , glad I lost to such a great competitor …. ActualSp4ceman … Aka dave :-)

  2. avatar Baggie Boy says:

    Hello m8.thanks for that nice to know.you on facebook our twit.same as I said at brum
    Ill do my best on 24th may down london.

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