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Antman Rages: End of Season 1

March 5th, 2012 by

I have failed you all once again, for effort I would surely get an A but I cannot deliver. In total I put about 5-6 hours into Boshy, slowly getting a bit further each time but ultimately not making any breakthroughs. Way back in episode 2 I said that if I spent more than 2 episodes on a single screen I would call it off. I’ve put about 12 episodes into Boshy, I’ve come to the edge of my talent envelope. This is not entirely bad news though. I do plan to find another suitable game and bang my head on it until one of us cracks but in the meantime I’ve got something a bit special for you. A little comic relief between series.

Note: Parental advisory, explicit language and giving up.

You can find the whole series of Antman Rages here.

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One Response to “Antman Rages: End of Season 1”
  1. avatar AndrewAD says:

    I love your episodes Sir…

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