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Skyrim Creation Kit is Here to Blow Your Mind

February 15th, 2012 by

This article was written by freelance games journalist Ian Brown.

Bethesda’s massively popular open-world RPG, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, provides literally hundreds of hours of single player dragon based adventuring. And it just got even bigger.

The release of the Skyrim Creation Kit on February 6th means that the only limit to the amount of crazy-ass mutations you can add is your imagination. And technical know-how.

I’m a big fan of Skyrim and it has the honour of joining my elite group of RPGs that I’ve bothered to complete. That’s another article altogether, though.

The addition of the creation kit enables two ways to mutate the game: the first way is incredibly easy and simply involves subscribing to the desired mod on the Steam page. If the mod is updated, the changes will automatically be applied to yours. Blummin’ lovely.

The second way to warp Skyrim is a bit more difficult. This involves actually using the creation kit to change the guts of the game with your own bare hands. In the interests of science I spent last evening playing around with the creation kit. I managed to create some magic sandals, gloves and a robe in around ten minutes. Creating them was the easy part. To my frustration, though I could get my mind-blowingly cool items to appear in the mod list, I could not make them appear in-game, no matter what.

Admittedly, I stopped trying after three attempts (sadly, the never need sleep pill hasn’t been invented yet), and I suspect the error was down to my own ignorance and divvy-ness. I shall try again later, no doubt.

So, I was forced by my own poor programming knowledge to modify Skyrim utilising only existing mods, how did it go? Well, it went pretty darned well, thank you very much. Who am I talking to? No idea. I began by hatching the wacky notion that it would be dreamy-creamy to transform my trusty level 32 Nord into……a Jedi! Could it be possible? Yes it flippin’ is, well sort of. Via exploring the options available, I happened across a Magicka Light Saber Mod that is not actually on the Steam service. It’s currently hosted on the fan site Skyrim Nexus. Installing it is a piece of cake though. Even I can do it.

The Light Sabers are incredible and need no further improvements, in my most humble of opinions. They even have the correct sound files and come in various styles and colours. Blimey.

To complete my Jedi simply required the appropriate shabby robe and sandals, which are available in Vanilla Skyrim. Of course, this would be improved magnificently if I could work out how to use my special Jedi robe and sandals created earlier. My next steps weren’t strictly necessary for the Jedi character, but what the hell. From the official Steam hosted mods I added a Learning Stone, to magically improve my Jedi Powers. Hahaaa.

Then came my ferocious Sabre-Cat who follows me everywhere and attacks foes with me. I was just about to take some screenies of the non-mounted sabre cat pet I added, but it’s vanished! Beware bugs! Then, finally, what Jedi would be without an Armoured Battle Cat Mount. That’s right; I’m riding a huge feckin battle cat. Boom!

All the mods I tried worked flawlessly, and the community are really getting involved to create some wonderfully twisted ideas. Already there are more than I could possibly write about here. Even Valve has been busy creating a mod for Skyrim, adding the Space Core to the game after it crash-lands out in the wilderness.

It’s probably worth mentioning that previous to bending my game out of all recognition, I’d already played 90 hours and completed the main quest and many others. The power of the creation kit is best used following experiencing Skyrim as released, if you ask me. Go on, ask me.

The Skyrim Creation Kit is a wonderful addition to one of the best RPGs ever made and adds hours upon hours of fun to what was already a truly massive game. It’s a must for all Skyrimmers.

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