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PS Vita Reviews Round-Up

February 14th, 2012 by

Are you looking forward to The PS Vita? I know I am. But it’s an expensive piece of kit, so knowing what launch titles are worth dishing out the cash on is very useful. Fortunately I’m here to help with a selection of review scores and summaries for the PS Vita launch titles.

WipEout 2048

Pocket Gamer - 8/10

“Some minor multiplayer issues and overly long load times do little to change the fact that WipEout is back in the palm of your hand, and it’s better than ever”

The Sixth Axis - 8/10

“WipEout’s lovely. Yes, the loading times are a problem (but hopefully due to be fixed a little with a patch) and some of the track design needed smoothing out a touch, but overall it stands as a showcase for a new console that’s only matched by the likes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Do everyone a favour and make sure this is part of your day one bundle, if you’re a fan of the series then this is absolutely fantastic stuff.”

VideoGamer - 8/10

“This isn’t the best WipEout game in the series, but it’s certainly a positive endorsement of Sony’s latest portable hardware. But for a series that’s traditionally been used to extol the virtues of advancing technology, it’s perhaps a little amusing that WipEout 2048′s best moments are hidden behind those ever-impressive layers of flash and spectacle, and hitting a do-or-die speed pad that’s the difference between taking the corner perfectly and smashing your shiny future-bonnet into a wall is as thrilling in 2012 as it was in 1995.”

ModNation Racers Road Trip

Pocket Gamer - 5/10

“ModNation Racers on the Vita is a boring, unfair, and wholly unnecessary release that manages to be worse than its previous handheld outing despite the Vita’s technical superiority over the PSP”

The Sixth Axis - 5/10

“ModNation Racers Road Trip isn’t terrible, it’s just not particularly good. Sure, the creation aspect of the game is solid and ranks up there with the very best at this sort of thing, but on the track whilst the handling is fine the graphics struggle and the action feels slightly stilted. Road Trip will be stung by the lack of online multiplayer, that much is true, but even with it it’s hardly going to set the world alight. San Diego have tried, but this needed another few months in the oven.”

VideoGamer - 6/10

“This isn’t Mario Kart, and for many people that automatically puts ModNation Racers at a huge disadvantage. While Sony’s Vita launch title doesn’t have that special something that makes people love Nintendo’s kart racer (years of history and a raft of recognisable characters), aside from a few large missteps (erratic frame rate, terrible load times, and missing online multiplayer) Road Trip generally does most things well. This is a typical launch title in many ways – by no means as good as it could have been, but a solid effort no doubt developed under the strictest of time restraints.”

Little Deviants

Pocket Gamer - 6/10

“There’s no better game to demonstrate the cool new ways to interact with the Vita, but Little Deviants’s long-lasting appeal is minimal, relying on too few gameplay ideas over too long a period of time”

The Sixth Axis - 7/10

“Little Deviants is an easy game to like. It plays well, for the most part, looks nice and demonstrates what the Vita can do. It’s just a shame that there’s not more to it, and although the scope is there to replay beaten levels, I’m not entirely convinced you’d want to.”

VideoGamer - 5/10

“At £19.99 Little Deviants might seem like a bargain, but on a platform that promises to deliver proper console gaming experiences (and does so decently at launch with a number of other titles), it feels like nothing more than a series of hit and miss tech demos. Released on PSN at a couple of quid and focusing on the mini-games that are good fun, Deviants could have been an essential purchase. As a proper retail release I can’t see where it fits into the current gaming landscape.”

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Pocket Gamer - 9/10

“A triple-A title that you can carry in your pocket, mobile gaming doesn’t get any better than this”

The Sixth Axis - 9/10

“Uncharted: Golden Abyss really is a proper, 10 hour+ Uncharted adventure with very little in the way of compromise. The Vita’s launch line-up is strong, but Golden Abyss is certainly one of the titles at the top of the pile.”

VideoGamer - 7/10

“Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a fine ambassador for the PlayStation Vita’s impressive capabilities, and Studio Bend’s heavy focus on coating its brief adventure with details and variety means there’s plenty to see and do in this pint-sized adventure. This is an enjoyable game, and Studio Bend has proved itself capable of competently shepherding Sony’s trusted franchises, but its limited spectacle and lacking script also make it the worst entry in the Uncharted series since the original Drake’s Fortune.”

Reality Fighters

Pocket Gamer - 6/10

“Reality Fighters isn’t particularly rewarding and it’s a bit shallow, though it’s a novel release and a showpiece for the possibilities of integrating cameras into traditional forms of play”

The Sixth Axis - 5/10

“Reality Fighters is a collection-based, customisation-heavy, augmented reality-supporting fighting game. It may fall down in a number of ways that would make it a better game but in many ways it has a more important purpose. At this stage in the PlayStation Vita’s life, the most important thing for Reality Fighters to be is, perhaps, a tech demo. In that sense, it is quite spectacularly impressive. Impressive enough to warrant a big purchase and plenty of game time? Probably not. It demonstrates exceptional potential though, and sometimes that can be enough.”

IGN - 4.5/10

“There’s little doubt in my mind that augmented reality is one of the biggest potential areas for innovation within video games. Reality Fighters, however, will not become the bastion of a bold new wave of innovation. Despite having a fun premise and plenty of fighting styles to muck around with, the average fighting mechanics, seemingly random customisation options and lacklustre modes let it down. Reality Fighters isn’t broken, but it isn’t very good.”

Everybody’s Golf (Hot Shots Golf)

Pocket Gamer - 9/10

“A superb golf game that’s extremely easy to pick up yet as deep and complex as any ‘serious’ game, Everybody’s Golf is the must-have Vita launch title”

The Sixth Axis - 7/10

“Everybody’s Golf is potentially the dark horse in the first party launch line up. Many will discount it, particularly in the west, in favour of Uncharted or WipEout. That’s not something we’d necessarily discourage, golf games aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but that’s not to say it isn’t well worth your consideration. It works to a well proven formula and there’s nothing revolutionary about this iteration but this game, on this system is a pretty good match and we’d encourage every new Vita owner to at least take a look at it.”

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