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Antman Rages: Episode 18

February 22nd, 2012 by

Videogame design is stagnating. Despite more power at the fingertips of game developers we still have boss battles, escort missions, medikits, regenerating health, spawn camping and quick-time events. Nobody likes them, even the game designers aren’t in a sealed environment and are forced to play the same shitty parts of games the rest of us have to.  Yet still they exist. It seems the future of game design lies in the indie market, with no checklist handed down from a publisher they have free reign to experiment because ultimately in the indie scene, innovation sells. Look at Minecraft, Captain Forever, Spelunky, Shift, Really Big Sky and Dwarf Fortress, all games that shed the shackles of AAA titles and made something better.

So with all that said, let’s do another bullet section. *sigh*

Note: Parental advisory, explicit language and more bullet puzzles.

You can find the whole series of Antman Rages here.

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One Response to “Antman Rages: Episode 18”
  1. avatar AndrewAn says:

    I like your episodes sir. Awesome

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