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Antman Rages: Episode 14

February 15th, 2012 by

I am back and this time I mean it. Like large swathes of the country I was stricken by that cold/flu virus that knackered my voice for seven days. Strangely enough, it seems our friends across the pond are experiencing a similar illness. Perhaps the world really is going to end this year. As zombie Jesus begins tunneling from the centre of the Earth to rule once again, people everywhere feel his presence. That’s how it works right? Religion was never one of my strong subjects.

After my week off I was sure I would take the tricky parts of this game with good grace and laugh off the annoying parts. I am sorry to disappoint but I had to bring out the rooster sound effect again.

Note: Parental advisory, explicit language and infrequent rooster fx.

You can find the whole series of Antman Rages here.

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