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Spoiler Alert Podcast – Skyrim

December 4th, 2011 by

Whilst there’s no Matt and Daren show this week we do have a new show for you instead, one that caters to all you Skyrim fans.

Welcome to Spoiler Alert, a new monthly podcast where Greg Giddens and two guests talk about a recently released game in-between pointing fun at each other.

This month is all about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In this special, extra long show the trio, Greg Giddens, Neale Jarrett (Baron Von Pleb) and Steve Peacock share their experience with this epic RPG. Two and a half hours of anecdotes, awesome music, peculiar facts and stories of adventure will entertain you, make you laugh and compel you to dive straight back in to this brilliant game.

Of course it’s called Spoiler Alert for a reason, so expect stories about certain quests, and occurrences which you may not have experienced yourself. But the nature of Skyrim, with its open-world and dynamic content, means spoilers are kept to a minimum and we make a point of not discussing any end game content.

So enjoy the podcast and continue to share your own adventures in the forums and the posts below.

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11 Responses to “Spoiler Alert Podcast – Skyrim”
  1. I bloody love Skyrim. I don’t love Greg’s advances.. ;-)

  2. avatar Greg Giddens says:

    Ha ha, well your girl friend loves my advances.

  3. … Now now Greg, this is a places for thoughts and discussions. Not your wild fantasies coming true.

    So. What are other peoples feedback about the show?

  4. I have a Q for you….
    At what point within the game should we feel okay listening to this show.
    Is it just the main quests, or through the 3 of you, pretty much all of them?

  5. avatar onionmurders says:

    I’m enjoying it. It reminds me of matt and daren’s discussions of Assassins Creed Brotherhood over the few weeks they both played it. For me it’s always good to hear a group sharing the love of a quality game. Just need to pop out and buy the game though… Keep up the good work providing ear candy for all!

  6. avatar DigitalPariah says:

    Loved it guys. made walking the dog in this horrible weather that bit more bearable.

    btw, you need to hook me up with that Rock outro… that is awesome.

  7. avatar Greg Giddens says:

    @Matt – We talk about the main quest’s first few missions only, then move on to some of the random missions and guild mission. It’s unlikely you’ll hit a game ruining spoiler by listening to the show. Skyrim is so vast and dynamic, providing so many individual stories for players that your playthrough will touch on things we mention but never be defined by them.

  8. avatar BlueWolf says:

    I love this idea, its very similar to the dual aspect review thing I’m currently trying to sort out. Guessing its not going to hit iTunes as there’s already several podcasts with the same title, but I’ll just stream it.

    Looking to forward to more in the coming weeks, and if you ever need anyone hit me up

  9. avatar ray says:

    loved this podcast, thanks, this was really top class, very entertaining and informative, will there be another?. sure hope so, oh and happy new year everyone and greetings from the UK

  10. @Ray – Thanks for your comments Ray. I’ve heard rummblings from Giddens that there is another one in the works. Although i am not sure which games its going to spoil.

  11. avatar Type40_Dashboxer says:

    I waited till I’d got into the game before I started listening. Love it. I just got a new (i)phone but can’t can’t see this listed on iTunes. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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