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Game of the Month Podcast – Batman: Arkham Asylum

November 17th, 2011 by

Welcome to the latest Game of the Month Podcast and a couple of changes have taken place. Kyle Brown (DiscoBeaver) has left us and we are no longer on the main iTunes feed with the Matt and Daren show. Instead we’ve re-launched as the Game of the Month Podcast 2.0 as an independent show, setting up a new home as we speak.

This month Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrett became Batman in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum.

We, of course, loved it and the majority of the community did as well. The stealth, narrative, gadgets, but mostly the combat was of such high quality not even the Killer Croc boss battle could put us off.

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Our main theme tune is from OverClocked Remix , Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance: I Need Scissors! 61! remix by Prince of Darkness (Tony Dickinson).

Our winner this month for their comment is Silent Otto. Congratulations to him and you can all enjoy his diary-esque comments below:

Well gamestation this morning: ‘Have you got Batman Arkham Asylum’ yes mate £14.99.  So I ask about the GOTY edition, and he say’s no. So I’m off to game, and find BAA for 17.99, so I ask him can you do this for 14.99 as it is round the corner, no it went up £3 this morning, they should be selling it there for 17.99 as well.

I go back to gamestation, and take the 14.99 copy, and he says yes I’ve just been phoned by the manager of game and asked why its not been hiked in price yet.  So good luck at getting it for under £8.

I had it on PC, so I bought a wired 360 controller as I will be away a lot this month and will be unable to give the PS3 the love it deserves.  I’ll let you know how it goes, first playthrough will be PS3.

Well I’ve just started and put in an hour on normal level.  What can I say, I’m playing it on the PS3 and the graphics are awesome, though there is some clipping and occasionally the old girl is struggling to keep up.  there was a bit of stutter in the opening video but it didn’t mar the experience.  I have read a lot of reviews on this game, and they all concentrate on how good it is – you know I really should buy games based on recommendations.

Next – well after Assassins creed it was familiar territory, bit of climbing, hiding jumping on people but hey what a difference 2 years make.  I just performed my first 3 silent kills, and I like detective vision so much it is pretty much my default view.  Collectables? How many?? Ive found riddler trophies, interview types, spirit of Arkham glyphs and every 2 minutes I am getting character bio unlocked – or something else unlocked. I’ve got the brady guide, but I am first going to complete it on normal then go back and do all the collectables. Just finding little cubby holes and vents all the time nothing is straighforward, I could easily spend 2 – 3 hours going everywhere on this level alone.

The game is dark and the riddler is more in keeping with the latest Heath Ledger than the Jack Nicholas version, he really is a psychopath and unsettling – evryone hates clowns (except GoddTodd – you know its wrong). Harlequin is hot, but then again that may be just me.  I’ve just died because i decided to go for a beat 3 blokes up in a courtyard, and 2 had machine guns – not wise.  But it was great taking the first one out with a gliding kick, and Ive got to stop playing because I’ve an early start tomorrow. I got my arse kicked by some fellow who then went and died and I am expecting to see more of his type later in the game.  then guess what – only a bloody suit upgrade!!! I think someone has gone throught the game checklist and said :

Collectables – tick

Beat em up – tick

Platform -tick

Detective bits – tick

Stealth – tick

Narrative – tick

It does seem to have covered all the bases. Its gone to the menu screen and I can see i have 3 % completed the game – jeez how big is it. I haven’t even touched downloadable content yet!!! I’m away tomorrow and in Bristol on wednesday night if anyone fancies a pint, so I’ll have to have a bit of a hiatus after tomorrow and switch to my PC version.

So far it has been 15 quid well spent, and it isn’t too repetitive.

Well I was dubious.  We broke the £8 rule and the choice of Batman seemed to be little more than a populist choice timed to coincide with Arkham Cities release on Friday.  I had read the review and never really followed it up.   I now am eating my words.

I just had my arse handed to me by Kane and just had to let you know how its going.  The game reminds me of Metroid Prime, with the way that as I explore I find more and more areas that are locked, and I know I will be able to go back when I have better powers.  Combat is a bit of a mash fest, but that isnt getting the combo metre high enough.  The challenges give you a chance to improve your battle tactics.

The riddler challenges are a nice touch, but sometimes the detective mode does not seem to want to lock on.  i am looking at the radio, I am zooming at the radio, I am kicking the radio – its the fucking radio.  Eventually it unlocks, but I dont know why.  I have upgraded my armour and have a silent takedown ability, sitting on the gargoyle waiting for the bad guys to walk underneath me.  The stealth bits, and I dont like stealth games in genral hit the right balance, the bad guys aren’t stupid but they’re not in the MGS league either.  It would have been nice to be able to hide bodies, I had a bit where I took a guy down and I wanted to hide the body, before anybody else could find it but there wasnt an option.

I like the new batman films, and this game catches the atmosphere perfectly.  The Spiderman games have normally been the best superhero games, but this one knocks them out of the park.  The voice acting is phenomenal (this somebody say it was Mark Hamil), the chatter on the radio and the TV  station with messages from the Joker.  Its like playing a movie at times.  The game has skipped to a 2D platformer at one stage, and along with beat em up, I only wonder do I get to drive the batmobile, and why dont I have those plugs you put up your nose to stop gas attack  (a la 60s TV show).

So thank you guys, its going great, the only down side is that Arkham City is now looking like a Day 1 – and I rarely bye games new.


Well I’m 36% in now, and I’ve got the radio decoder and grappling hook which is making finding the riddlers trophies easier (oh and the maps he leaves behind- ddduuurrr). Its still got me and I’ve hardly touched the challenges yet.

Swooping down on thugs and taking them out – yeah I’m BATMAN!!

The unlockables are coming too fast and you can see the care that has gone into this licence, every single character bio has a full history, and the secrets of Arkham Asylum are telling a dark story.  The interview tapes are well put together and fill holes in the story – was this actually written by the guys who write the comics?? It sticks so much to the lore, and feels so right I think it must be.The old favourites are popping up, but there are also cameo appearances from some of the less well known characters.The freedom is great, but I am just wishing for some kind of explosive batarang for the out of reach areas – no doubt I’ll get that later.  theres an ublockable there, i can see it but the glass is five foot above my hand and I can’t blow it up.  the storlyline is really mature and the bad guys suitably evil.  I’ve now got loonies who run at me and bite my head off who are a bit of a pain, and the shock stick guys are worse than the gun guys – at least you can counter and disarm guys. I’ve also had a few suitably unnerving visits by scarecrow and even though i had hims as a bit of a joke – he is really unnerving the way he messes with yur mind. I am learning that there is a style to it, and it is easier than mashing if you use the right combos.

Atmosphere is fantastic, and there are a few change my pants moments.  The more you learn about the place, the more you find new cubby holes, what about going under the floor and emerging out of a duct as a bad guy walks above you – or just swoop down and kick them.  What if I string up a thug and drop him on his mate when he comes to investigate him.  the ordinary baddies are getting tougher now, so I think it must scale the difficulty as you progress.  I am playing it on PS3 so I have the rumble as I decode a radio signal, but there are still some I cannot hack – mainly because the control points are not accessible.

I am clearing up the trophies as I go, so I’ll clear the trophies on normal and then go again on hard. then it might be challenge time, but I really need to work on those combos.


Good to see others stopping me from hogging the thread!! I am 58% complete now, met killer croc (easy) and those bloody scarecrow levels.  There was a great level with 7 armed thugs patrolling an area and I couldnt use my normal tactics – that was a tester, took a couple of hours to get passed that (maybe because I have no patience and I’m bobbins at games).  I now have a supergrapple and the riddlers trophies are falling thick and fast, I’m kicking mself for trying so hard earleir on to get trophies that if I had waited would have been easy.  I have also noticed that not only are the hoods getting more numerous they are also tougher – more shockers, more crazed lunes who you need to stun before damaging - and one armed thug with a gun will kill you if your not careful.  I got complacent and took 5 out of the 7 killed on the aformentioned level, I thought I can take 2 hand to hand, wrong – one dead bat!!  You need to respect even the basic hoods.

I have dabbled on one of the challenges and didnt get a grade, so I can see the replayability – maybe post some scores on here and have a club competition??  This has really whet my appetite for Gotham City, but I will now have a break from my PS3 (and posting in this for a week) because of work.

I didnt sllep the night before last, and last night was a 4am finish.  I was in bed at 4am thinking about how to get the next trophies and how I could defeat some of the baddies without a batarang.  When a game gets you like this, it speaks volume!! Both of the game, and your OCD!!

Well I’m back, but HD tv is on blink, doh!

Can I endure a composite input, does it do the game justice? Will I get another 14 days to complete it? Bearing in mind it was announced mid October? Is there any point writing a review when I look at the quality of the other guys?.

stay tuned as batman takes on the HD fiend.

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4 Responses to “Game of the Month Podcast – Batman: Arkham Asylum”
  1. Holy rusted metal Batman… sounds like you all had a blast this month!!!

  2. I thought it was cool.

  3. avatar Lebowski49 says:

    I a game I loved so much, I platinumed it twice!

    Thank you for giving me an excuse to revisit it.

  4. In my defence for the poem, she was in a nurses uniform and I like blondes…… stop judging.

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